Builders Trestles

Wellmade is builders trestle manufacturer in China. We manufacture the builder trestles according to BS 1139 Part 4.

According to the structure, there are steel trestles and aluminium trestles here. Both are able to  be used in building works and construction for plasterers, painters, builders, bricklayers, and contractors.

According to the adjustable height ranges, you can find 4 different sizes of the building trestles in Wellmade. Include size no.1, size no.2, size no.3, and sizes no.4. The overall width of the building trestles is 970mm, which is able to fit 4 pieces of scaffold boards in 225mm width.

Wellmade steel builders trestles could be finished in galvanised and powder-coated(colored). Send us your builders trestle requirement to get a competitive manufacturer price now.

Wellmade Builders Trestles

Wellmade builders trestles are also called painters trestle or building trestle. It is a type of adjustable trestles for building work and decorations.

According to the metal structure, you can find both aluminium and steel type builders trestles here. Steel trestles are made from steel hollow structures. While aluminium trestles are made from aluminium profiles.

builders trestle for building works
builders trestle for building works

Wellmade builder trestles are manufactured according to BS1139 and ANSI standards. They are mainly export to the UK and US.  According to the surface treatment, you can find both powder coated and galvanising steel trestles here. While Powder coated colours are customized according to your requirement. Wellmade do 24 hours salty spray test to ensure our builder trestles are great and durable in long term construction and building.

As an ISO 9001 and CE certified builder trestles manufacturer, you can find top quality builder trestles here. Wellmade control the steel and aluminium building trestle quality from raw material qualification, welding quality, sizes and mockup, loading safety, surface treatment etc.

Wellmade Builders Trestles Sizes

As an OEM scaffold and formwork manufacturer in China, Wellmade always does custom design and production for clients of builder trestles and other scaffolding formwork products. Our clients include trading companies, building companies, scaffold companies, formwork companies and construction companies, contractors etc.  We are able to stick and mark your company logos and marks on the builder trestles.

While you can also find the following standard sizes and specifications for your builder trestles. Include Size no.1, size no.2, size no. 3 adjustable steel trestles.

Builders Trestle Size & Specifications

No.ItemsAdjustable heightWidthWeight
WBTS01Size No.1 Adj Steel Building Trestle510mm -710mm970mm6.8KG
WBTS02Size No.2 Adj Steel Building Trestle710-1180mm970mm8.4KG
WBTS03Size No.3 Adj Steel Building Trestle1070-1680mm970mm9.3KG

Wellmade builder trestles are heavy-duty scaffold material. According to the building and construction safety load factor, Wellmade builder trestles safety working load (SWL) is 460 KG for each size.

Builder Trestles and Scaffold Boards

Wellmade builders trestles are working with the scaffold boards.  It forms safety access to a working height together with scaffold boards.   In construction engineering, you can put 4 pieces of the wooden scaffold boards on the builder trestles. While the scaffold boards are in standard sizes of 225mm width and 38 or 63mm in depth.

Using builder trestles is able to save both your time and cost in building and construction.

  • Firstly, it is very easy to erect.
  • Secondly, the weight of the builder trestles is very light.
  • Thirdly, with the builder trestles, you do not need to erect and dismantle the scaffold ladders and scaffold tower.

With all of the above strengths and virtues, builders trestles are used popularly not only in builders, but also plasterers, painters, bricklayers etc.

Aluminium Builders Trestles

aluminum builders trestles for building works
aluminum builders trestles for building works

Steel builders trestles it the most popular trestles for buildings. You can also find aluminium builder trestles.  It is also called aluminium A type folding ladders. The lighter weight makes the aluminium trestles convenient to use for both interior and exterior building works.   Wellmade is able to custom your sizes of aluminium builder trestles.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing and export experience, Wellmade is able to deliver the steel and aluminum building trestles to your warehouse. Send us your builder trestles needed to get a competitive manufacturer price with a custom mark and logo now.



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