BS1139 Double Coupler Scaffold | Forged Right Angle

Wellmade produces all types of BS1139 and EN 74 standards scaffolding double couplers. The double scaffold couplers are connectors between scaffold tubes.
Compare to scaffolding swivel clamps, Wellmade’s double coupler scaffolding makes the scaffold tubes joint together at 90 Degree. Thus it is also called right angle clamps or fixed clamps. There are drop forged type and pressed steel type BS1139 double coupler scaffolds in Wellmade.
Scaffolding double coupler sizes are versatile. The sizes are matched with the scaffold tube outer diameters. Wellmade has all standards sizes for your tube and clamp construction. Include O.D 48.3mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 42mm, O.D 76mm, and O.D 89mm.
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Wellmade’s double coupler scaffolding

Wellmade’s double coupler scaffolding is a type of right-angle steel scaffold tube clamp. It fixes scaffold tubes at a rigid 90-degree angle.

The double coupler scaffolding is one of the most popular scaffolding fittings using in tube and clamp scaffold systems. You can also find other scaffolding couplers here include the swivel clamps, putlog coupler, single clamp, gravlock beam clamps, sleeve couplers, and forged and pressed joint pin, etc. All of the scaffolding clamps and fittings are tested according to EN 74 standard. While the double coupler scaffold is conformed to a higher class of EN 74 Class B. Wellmade’s double coupler scaffolding is popularly used in all types of construction and temporary shoring scaffolding.

Double Coupler Scaffold Production & Assembly

  • Drop forged double coupler

Wellmade scaffold produces the drop-forged double couplers by strong forging from high-strength steel round bars. In manufacturing, we heating the steel round bar structure under high temperatures. After that, forging the heated round bar structure to form the double coupler covers and bases.
Scaffolding double coupler includes elements of covers, bases, and bolt & nuts. While The double coupler covers and bases are assembled by galvanized high-strength rivets.
Double coupler bolt and nuts elements tighten scaffold tubes in a safe position. In our factory, only use 8.8 class bolts are used in productions. These 8.8 class bolts are able to ensure the scaffolding tube clamp of stable quality. It also ensures the double coupler scaffolding safety in construction.
  • Pressed Steel Double Coupler Scaffold

Different from drop forged double coupler scaffolding, pressed steel double couplers are made from steel plates. It is shaped and formed by machinery.

Pressed double coupler scaffolding also includes covers, bases, bolt nut, and rivet parts.  It is a type of BS 1139 test scaffold clamps too. There are complete sizes of the pressed double coupler for your tube and fittin system in Wellmade.

pressed steel scaffold coupler swivel clamps
pressed steel scaffold coupler swivel clamps

Double Coupler Scaffold Testing & Safety

All double couplers scaffolding need past slip and distortion test before package and shipping in Wellmade.  Wellmade do a 100% slip test though out the whole manufacturing process, including the stage of cover forming, base-forming, etc. In Wellmade, We do a final finished slip test after double coupler scaffold assembly.
Distortion test is done according to each production batch quantity according to the BS1139 and EN 74 scaffolding standards requirement. The distortion test methods and required strength are meet up and exceed the EN 74 standard. Only the tested past double coupler are approved by Wellmade QC department and allowed to ship out as qualified scaffold double clamps.
According to Wellmade QC standard, all of our double coupler scaffolds are conform to EN74 class B standard level. The class B double coupler capacity and strengths are much higher than EN74 class A scaffolding clamps.

Double Coupler Scaffold Surface Treatment

According to clients requirements, you can find both zinc-plated ( E-gal) and hot dip galvanized scaffolding right angle double couplers in Wellmade.  The galvanized scaffolding double coupler make the scaffold fittings in longer life.
For oil gas companies, Hot dip galvanized scaffolding double couplers are much better for onshore and offshore projects. HDG galvanizing make the double coupler more durable in long-term repeat working and operation. In addition, hot dip galvanizing makes the double coupler easy with less maintenance, thus simpler for stock and transportation.
E-galvanized scaffold double couplers are required by most construction companies, scaffolding companies, and trading companies. Which is cheap in price than hot dip galvanized scaffolding double couplers.

Marking & OEM Trademark Logo

According to BS1139 and EN74 standards, all double scaffolding couplers need to be marked with manufacturer code no. manufacturing year and date, as well as scaffold standards code.
As the largest scaffolding coupler OEM factory, Wellmade has cooperated with many scaffolding and formwork companies abroad in China for decades years. Thus you can are able to get a customized logo and trademarks for free.

Double Coupler Package & Transportation

All scaffolding double couplers are packaged in strong bags. In each bag, there are 25 pcs double couplers. The scaffold bags are put on scaffold racks. Wellmade supplies both timber and steel-type scaffold racks and pallets.
Double coupler scaffold racks and pallets are convenient for your loading and unloading during transportation on the water or by trucks.
double coupler bs1139 british standard fixed clamp scaffold fittings construction
O.D 48.3mm British Type BS1139 Forged Double Coupler Spec
WBSDC48BS1139 Forged Double CouplerO.D 48.3x O.D48.3E-gal | HDG1.0KG
BS1139 Pressed Steel Double Coupler Scaffolding Spec
WBSPS48Pressed Double Coupler BS 1139O.D 48.3x O.D48.3E-gal | HDG0.85KG
Wellmade’s Forged Double Coupler Load Capacity
Sample #Slipping Force (KN)Failure Force  (KN)
BS1139 Double Coupler Pressed Steel Type Capacity
Sample #Slipping Force (KN)Failure Force  (KN)
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