Board Clamp Scaffolding

Board Clamp is One Type of Scaffolding Coupler. It is used to Retaining Steel Scaffold Boards, Wood Planks and Toe Boards. Board Clamp is similarly called BRC Coupler.

Wellmade is Board Clamp Scaffolding Manufacturer in China. We produce Heavy-Duty Forged Board Clamps, Pressed Steel Board Clamps, Lightweight Scaffolding Limpet Clamps and Toe Board Clamps for your Tube and Coupler Scaffold System.

Wellmade’s Board Clamps are tested according to BS1139 and EN 74 Standard. We Customize Your Board Clamp Match wit Your Scaffold Boards Height. Free OEM Service is offered with your Marks and Logo on the Board Clamps.

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Board Clamp Scaffolding Manufacturing Wellmade

Limpet Clamp Scaffold Board Clamps

Wellmade’s Board Clamp Scaffolding

Types of Wellmade’s Board Clamps

Board Clamp is an Important Scaffolding Clamps same as Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Beam Clamp etc.  You can find All Types and Specifications of Board Clamps In Wellmade.

Board Clamps Specification
CodeItemsWeightSurface TreatmentStandard
BRC-FForged Board Retaining Coupler0.60 KGHDG | Zinc-platedBS1139
TBCToe Board Clamp0.36 KGHDG | Zinc-platedBS1139
LCSLimpet Clamp0.35 KGHDG | Zinc-platedBS1139

Hot-dip Galvanized and Zinc-plated Board Clamps

Hot-dip galvanized board clamps is required by Oil Gas Companies Like Shell for Their Offshore and Island Energy Construction Scaffolding. It is the best corrosion protection board clamps suit for all of the weather condition.

Zinc-plated board clamps are the most common type of Board Clamps.   Zinc Plated is also called E-galvanized or Cold Galvanizing. It is less zinc thickness and cheaper than hot-dip galvanized ones. You can choose golden coloured or White Colour for Your E-galvanized Board Clamps.

Hot dip galvanized Limpet Clamp Lightweight Board Clamp Scaffolding
Limpet Board Clamp Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Thickness

Pressed Steel VS Drop Forged Board Clamp Scaffolding

According to Scaffold Clamp Cover Fabrication, there are Drop Forged and Pressed Steel Board Clamps for Your Scaffolding Tube Coupler System in Wellmade.

Board Clamp Height Guideline

Wellmade’s Board Clamp is designed according to your scaffold board height. Thus Before Import the Board Clamp, better let us know your scaffold board height. We make sure the board clamp is compatible with your scaffold board at the project site.

Wellmade Regular Board Clamp Height
38mm Scaffold Board45mm Scaffold Board
40mm Scaffold Board50mm Scaffold Board

Board Clamp Bolt Nut Guideline

Board Clamp Bolt Nut Parts is different in each country. Wellmade customize your board clamp bolt according to your country’s scaffolding regulation and custom.

Wellmade Board Clamp Bolt Nut

Germany  Standard22mm Flange Nut
British Standard21mm Cross Nut + Washer
Portugal Standard22mm Flange Nut
Chile Standard22mm Flange Nut
USA Standard22mm Flange Nut
Australian Standard23mm Flange Nut

*Note: All Board Clamp Bolt Must be 8.8 Class

Board Clamp Scaffold and Bolt and Nut Parts
Board Clamp Parts

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