Belt and Road Kazakhstan UZ Scaffolding Export

Galvanized Scaffolding pipes are popularly used in construction in Centre Asia Countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Scaffolding Pipes are always under BS1139 and En39 standard to These 2 countries. It is not only used in civil scaffolding construction but most important, the gi pipes are used in oil gas, energy scaffolding construction, and infrastructure,  like suspended scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, supported scaffolding, staging scaffolding, stair scaffolding, and other scaffold towers, connected by scaffolding clamps and form platform and walking by scaffold boards.

Huge Quantity is produced and exported to These 2 countries, especially under Policy benefits of The Belt and Road, which is proposed By China President, Xi Jinping

Scaffolding pipe export to Centre Asia is always by train from China.

There are two types of train transportation in exporting to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. One is by Train Wagon, another is traditional, the same as sea transportation by  Containers. In Train Transportation, the sizes of containers can be 20 ft, 40 ft, and 40 high cube containers.

Scaffolding pipes by train transportation is much stricter than by sea. Pipes should be fixed by special lashing according to train station rules and policies.

Following photos are showed how to package and lashing the scaffolding pipes in wagon and containers in export by train.


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