15/17mm Anchor Nut Load Capacity

An anchor nut is one of the formwork accessories used in concrete shuttering. A forged anchor nut is a type of high-load formwork anchor nut made by drop forging. We test the formwork forged anchor nut max load capacity to help you calculate the safety load during using the formwork anchor for concrete construction.

The 15/17mm forged anchor nut load capacity is 210K, about 21.4 tons according to the actual test result. The safety factor of the anchor nut is 1:2 in the concrete construction.

The formwork anchor nut max load capacity test steps:

1) Screw a long dywidag tie bar inside the anchor nut

2)Put anchor nuts at a strong plate with an empty at the center, That tie bar can go through the empty space

3)Screw a hex nut on the tie bar and place it at the top of the anchor nut

4) Put pressure on the hex nut that transfers the loading to the tie rods

5)Record the result of the max load(weight bearing)

The following photos are the test process of the anchor nut load capacity test.  The test is done in Wellmade, the manufacturer of formwork anchor nuts and wing nuts.

What are the relations between anchor nut and wing nut?  What are the types of anchor nuts? What are the sizes of anchor nuts?

Formwork anchor nut and wing nut

Formwork anchor nuts are a type of formwork nut with wings and a round plate. Call nut plates as well. It can be with two wings, three wings, or multi wings.

Formwork wing nuts are like a butterfly and always with two wings but no round plates.

Both anchor nuts and wing nuts are designed to work with rebars, tie rods, or tie bolts in construction. They have a hole in the center, in the hole, there are inner threads. The threads are screwed and match up with the sizes of the tie bars of D15, D16, and D20.

What are the types of anchor nuts

  1. Material Types:

Forged Anchor Nut

Cast Iron (Ductile) Anchor Nut 

  1. Threads Sizes:

D15/17mm Anchor Nut

D20/22mm Anchor Nut

  1. Anchor Nut Wings

Two Wings Anchor Nut

Three Wings Anchor Nut

Multi Wings Anchor Nut


What are the Sizes of the Formwork Anchor Nut

Diameters of the formwork anchor nut include 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm 110mm, 120mm, and 130mm

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