aluminum plywood scaffold plank 19 inch with white plywood deck and anti-skid decks

Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Plank

19″ Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Planks With White Walkboard and Anti Skid Decks Heavy Load Class 75 LBS per Square Feet

Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Planks

Aluminum plywood scaffold planks are aluminum decks with plywood inserts. It is also called aluminum ply scaffold decks, and aluminum ply walk boards.
The standard width of the aluminum plywood scaffold plank is 19”. Standard lengths include 3’, 5’, 7’, 8’, and 10’. While customized sizes are available too.
Compare to all-aluminum scaffold planks, aluminum plywood scaffold planks are:
1) more efficient costs
2) plywood decks and hooks are replaceable.
Aluminum plywood scaffold plank ends could be covered by aluminum caps. The plywood deck types include LVL whiteboards and anti-skid blackboards.
Safety workloads of Wellmade’s aluminum plywood scaffold planks are 75 LBS per square foot and are tested according to OSHA and CSA standards in a safety factor of 4:1. At the bottom, there are reinforcement handles and bars to increase the strength of the planks.
The scaffolding planks are compatible with all scaffold frames. While we are able to design the planks to work with system scaffolds of ringlock, cuplock, quickstage as well.

anti skid aluminum plywood scaffold planks with slip resistant decks

Anti-skid Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Planks 7′ and 10′ for Frame and Ringlock System.

aluminum plywood scaffold plank 7ft with hands and stiffeners

19″ x 7′ Sizes In Height of 87mm, 90mm, 95mm and 108mm for Canada and USA. 75 LBS per Square Foot.

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