6.5" Aluma Beam Joist & Stringer

6.5” aluminum beam is in 6.5”(165mm) height with a 5”(127mm) bolt slot base and 3.25” top T-head. It is a type of high-load scaffold shoring aluminum beams compare to 123mm, 140mm, and 150mm aluma joists.  Thus it can be used as formwork joists, beams, and stringers in all formwork shoring.

The 6.5” aluma beams are extruded aluminum profiles, always inserted with a plastic nailed strip in the top T-head slot. Popular used for shoring and scaffold support for concrete slab, beam, and column formwork shuttering.

Plastic nailed strips of the 6.5” aluma beams are more durable and can withstand more cycling uses than timber nailed strips. The formulation maximizes the nailer gripping property. Will not be soft in high-temperature weather, nor brittle or cracks in cold.

The bottom bolt slot makes the beam joist easily connect with other formwork components of stringers, strongbacks, and I-beams by standard aluma A clips.

Lengths of the 6.5” aluminum shoring beams are customized from 3’ up to 12m. The ultimate concentrate load capacity is 92KN according to the test result in our lab house.   Send us a mail to get the test report and price list.

6.5″ Aluma Beams

6.5” scaffolding aluminum beams are in 6061 T6 alloy grade. It is called formwork aluma joist, scaffolding aluminum stringer, aluma A beam, aluminum H beams, aluminum I beams, etc.
Using the 6.5” high strength & lightweight aluminum beam can help you reduce the vertical and horizontal members of scaffolding and form work products. Thus saving costs and increasing the efficiency of labor and work.
In construction, the 6.5” aluminum beams are compatible with all structures in the application. Include high load bridging and highway etc.

6.5″ Aluma Beam Features

  1. Lightweight
  2. High Strength
  3. Conform to ANSI, CSA, and European Standard
  4. Use for both Primary and Secondary Beams In Slab Forming
  5. Compatible with Scaffold Top U Head and Forkhead & Jacks
  6. Corrosion Resistant
  7. Customize Length Up to 12m

6.5″ Aluma Beam Load At Given Spans

1.2 m2.5 mm38.3 (kN/m)2.5 mm38.3 (kN/m)
4 ft.10 inches2620 (lb/ft).10 inches2620 (lb/ft)
1.53 m4.3 mm26.9 (kN/m)4.3 mm29.5 (kN/m)
5 ft.17 inches1838 (lb/ft).17 inches2020 (lb/ft)
1.83 m5.1 mm15.4 (kN/m)6.8 mm20.6 (kN/m)
6 ft.20 inches1056 (lb/ft).27 inches1408 (lb/ft)
2.13 m5.9 mm9.7 (kN/m)7.9 mm12.9 (kN/m)
7 ft.23 inches664 (lb/ft).32 inches885 (lb/ft)
2.44 m6.8 mm6.5 (kN/m)9.0 mm8.7 (kN/m)
8 ft.27 inches446 (lb/ft).36 inches595 (lb/ft)
2.74 m7.6 mm4.6 (kN/m)10.1 mm6.1 (kN/m)
9 ft.30 inches314 (lb/ft).40 inches419 (lb/ft)
3.05 m8.5 mm3.3 (kN/m)11.3 mm4.4 (kN/m)
10 ft.33 inches228 (lb/ft).44 inches304 (lb/ft)
3.35 m9.3 mm2.8 (kN/m)12.4 mm3.7 (kN/m)
11 ft.37 inches190 (lb/ft).49 inches255 (lb/ft)
3.66 m10.2 mm2.2 (kN/m)13.5 mm2.9 (kN/m)
12 ft.40 inches150 (lb/ft).53 inches198 (lb/ft)
3.96 m11.0 mm1.7 (kN/m)14.7 mm2.3 (kN/m)
13 ft.43 inches115 (lb/ft).58 inches156 (lb/ft)
4.27 m11.9 mm1.4 (kN/m)15.8 mm1.8 (kN/m)
14 ft.47 inches95 (lb/ft).62 inches125 (lb/ft)
4.57 m12.7 mm1.1 (kN/m)16.9 mm1.5 (kN/m)
15 ft.50 inches76 (lb/ft).67 inches101 (lb/ft)
4.88 m13.5 mm0.92 (kN/m)18.1 mm1.2 (kN/m)
16 ft.53 inches63 (lb/ft).71 inches84 (lb/ft)
5.18 m14.4 mm0.77 (kN/m)19.2 mm1.0 (kN/m)
17 ft.57 inches53 (lb/ft).76 inches70 (lb/ft)
5.49 m15.2 mm0.64 (kN/m)20.3 mm0.86 (kN/m)
18 ft.60 inches44 (lb/ft).80 inches59 (lb/ft)
5.79 m16.1 mm0.55 (kN/m)21.4 mm0.73 (kN/m)
19 ft.63 inches38 (lb/ft).84 inches50 (lb/ft)
6.10 m16.9 mm0.47 (kN/m)22.6 mm0.63 (kN/m)
20 ft..67 inches32 (lb/ft).89 inches43 (lb/ft)
1 Deflections based on simple spans.
2 Design Load: Dead Load and Live Load
3. Factor of Safety: 2.2 to
4.  Beam to be laterally supported.

6.5″ Aluminum Beam Technical Data

Weight*6 kg/m4 lb / ft
1xx7.07 x 1108  mm417.0 in4
Sx max.102 x 103 mm36.23 in3
Sx min.72.6 x 103 mm34.43 in3
Area1721 mm22.67 in2
*Includes 51 x 51 mm (2×2 in) wood railing strip

6.5″ Aluma Beam Popular Lengths and Weights

2.75 m9′16.5 KG36
3.2 m10.5′19.2 KG42
3.66 m12′21.9 KG48
4.27 m14′25.6 KG56
4.88 m16′29.3 KG64
5.49 m18′32.9 KG72
6.41 m21′38.5 KG84

Steel Beams VS Aluminium Beams

Aluminum shoring beams represent the highest standard of corrosion resistance.
Compare to the steel structure I beam,  the aluminum beams are able to be applied in all weather and water conditions without rust.
6061 T6 aluminum beam is a marine grade alloy material that keeps the aluminum beams in high strength and no corrosion even exposed in wet.

Considering the weight per ft, the aluminum beam is lightweight construction material. Steel structural beams include I beams, H beams, steel angles, steel channels, etc. All of them are of a heavier weight.  Thus using aluminum beams is much easier handling and transportation in construction concrete form.
For anti-corrosion, steel beams are always in painting or galvanizing finishing. Because black(self-finished) steel beams rust much easier.

Aluminum beams are with radius corners. It is able to be extruded into different shapes from the alloy ingot. While steel structure beams are fewer choices in shapes.

Aluma Beam Clips

Aluma beam clips are also called A clamps. It is used to fix aluminum beams to beams, stringers, strongbacks, joists, etc.

6.5″ aluminum beams are formulated with a bolt slot at the base. Th slot leaves a space for the aluma A clamps.

The aluma A clamps are made from steel with galvanizing finishing.

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