Aluminum Beam

Wellmade is Aluminum Beam Manufacturer In China. You Can Find All Sizes of Aluminum Beams For Your Construction Formwork and Scaffolding.

There are Lightweight and Heavy Strength Aluminum Beams In Wellmade.

Our Aluma Beams Are Used as Main Beams or Secondary Beams Supporting Your Concrete Slab& Beam Form Work.

Wood Railing Strip of the Aluminum Beams is Convenient Connecting Formwork Slab and Beam Components and Parts.

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Wellmade Aluminum Beam

Wellmade aluminum beam also called as structural aluminum I beam is an extruded aluminum product. They are designed with inside radius corners intended for all structural applications.

Wellmade aluminum beams are made from 6063 or 6061 aluminum alloy. There are weldable aluminum beams and heat treatable aluminum beams. Thus, you can find Wellmade aluminum beams perfect for a myriad fabrication that requires corrosion and strength resistance.

We manufacture and supply aluminum beams for different industrial applications. Wellmade has a wide array of excellent quality aluminum beams for all types of fabrication projects.

You can use Wellmade aluminum beams for rails, frameworks, support, trolleys, truck beds, trailers, and so on. Aside from that, Wellmade aluminum beams can be found in structural support in bridges, homes, shipbuilding, structural foundations, etc.

Aluminum Beam for formwork scaffolding

Aluminum Beam for formwork scaffolding

Wellmade offers different aluminum beams according to sizes, dimensions, specifications, and surface finish. According to surface finish, there are extruded mill finish aluminum beams and not polished aluminum beams.

You can find from Wellmade an aluminum beam available in American Standard (AS) profiles and Aluminum Association profiles.

We offer thousands of sizes of aluminum beams that you can purchase online and ready to ship. Whether you need precut aluminum beams, mill lengths aluminum beams, or custom cut to size aluminum beams, Wellmade is always the best choice.

Aside from aluminum beams, Wellmade also an expert in manufacturing ladder clamp, board clamp, aluminum planks, scaffold rack, metal planks, kwikstage transom, formwork accessories, scaffolding poles, and more.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 certified company. We are capable of manufacturing a wide range of aluminum beams for your framework and scaffolding. You can find all sizes of aluminum beams here in Wellmade.

Our aluminum beams had exported to different companies throughout the world such as Germany, Japan, Sweden, England, France, etc.

We are trusted to more than 500 companies around the world and we hope to include you as one of our successful business partners.

We are looking forward to working with you. Please get in touch with our sales representatives for further information. Contact us now!

7.5″ Aluminium Beams

7.5″ Aluminum Beam Size &Standard Lengths
WAB7510510’5″(3.2M)61 LBS(28KG)
WAB7512012′(3.7M)70 LBS(32KG)
WAB7514014′(4.3M)81 LBS(37KG)
WAB7516016′(4.9M)93 LBS(42KG)
WAB7518018′(5.5M)104 LBS(47KG)
WAB7521021′(6.4M)84 LBS(38KG)
Custom Lengths Available on a Per-order Basis

6.5″ Aluminium Beam

6.5″ Aluminum Beam Standard Lengths
CodeLengthWeight(with Wood)
WAB6510610’6″(3.2M)42 LBS(19.1KG)
WAB6512012′(3.7M)48 LBS(21.8KG)
WAB6514014′(4.3M)56 LBS(25.5KG)
WAB6516016′(4.9M)64 LBS(29.1KG)
WAB6518018′(5.5M)72 LBS(32.7KG)
WAB6521021′(6.4M)84 LBS(38.2KG)
WAB6524024′(7.3M)96 LBS(43.6KG)

Aluma System Aluma Beam

Aluma System Aluma Beam
WALB122075Aluma Beam 122x75mm2.55
WALB122085Aluma Beam 122x85mm2.98
WALB165120Aluma Beam 165x120mm3.75
WALB121104Aluma Beam 121x104mm8.6
WALB100100Aluma Beam 100x100mm3.35

Loading Testing of Aluminium Beams in Wellmade Testing House

7.5 inch aluminium beam slab formwork Loading Capacity Testing

7.5 inch aluminium beam slab formwork Loading Capacity Testing

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