Aluminum Beam

Slab Formwork Aluminum Beams

 Formwork Concrete Slab Aluminium Beam is in all Size as Main Beam and Seconary Beam with or without Hard Wood Insert.
7.5" Aluminum Beam Standard Lengths
Code Length


7.5" aluminuim beam for concrete formwork system
WAB75105 10'5"(3.2M) 61 LBS(28KG)
WAB75120 12'(3.7M) 70 LBS(32KG)
WAB75140 14'(4.3M) 81 LBS(37KG)
WAB75160 16'(4.9M) 93 LBS(42KG)
WAB75180 18'(5.5M) 104 LBS(47KG)
WAB75210 21'(6.4M) 84 LBS(38KG)
Custom Lengths Available on a Per-order Basis



6.5" Aluminum Beam Standard Lengths
Code Length

Weight(with Wood)

6.5" aluminuim beam for concrete formwork system
WAB65106 10'6"(3.2M) 42 LBS(19.1KG)
WAB65120 12'(3.7M) 48 LBS(21.8KG)
WAB65140 14'(4.3M) 56 LBS(25.5KG)
WAB65160 16'(4.9M) 64 LBS(29.1KG)
WAB65180 18'(5.5M) 72 LBS(32.7KG)
WAB65210 21'(6.4M) 84 LBS(38.2KG)
WAB65240 24'(7.3M) 96 LBS(43.6KG)


Aluma System Aluma Beam
Code Description Weight(KG/Mtr) aluma system aluma beam aluminium beam for Philippine formwork
WALB122075 Aluma Beam 122x75mm 2.55
WALB122085 Aluma Beam 122x85mm 2.98
WALB165120 Aluma Beam 165x120mm 3.75
WALB121104 Aluma Beam 121x104mm 8.60
WALB100100 Aluma Beam 100x100mm 3.35

 Loading Testing of Aluminium Beams in Wellmade Testing House

7.5 inch aluminium beam slab formwork Loading Capacity Testing



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