Aluminium Scaffold Tower

  • Wellmade Scaffold’s Aluminium Scaffold Tower is In Light Weight with Aluminium Platform in Size of 680x1800mm.
  • Components of Our Aluminium Scaffold Tower Include Guardrail Frame, Base Frame, Vertical Ladder Frame, Walk Thru Frame, Aluminium Platform, Guard Rails, Caster Wheels, etc.
  • Our Aluminium Scaffold Tower is Easy Assembly by The Modular Components with S.W.L 150KG according to Construction Scaffold Safety Requirement as well as in Competitive Price that makes Wellamde Scaffold Aluminium Tower Most Used In Many Countries for Indoor Scaffold, Access Baker Scaffold.
♦ Platform Size: 680x1800mm
♦ S.W.L: 150KG
♦ Platform Height: 1800mm
♦ Standardize Tower Weight: 33KG

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Aluminium Scaffold Tower

1Two Rung Guardrail Frame 780x1000mm2.70KG
2Two Rung Narrow Frame 780x1000mm 3.20KG
3Three Rung Narrow Frame 780x1500mm 4.70KG
4Four Rung Narrow Frame 780x2000mm 6.0KG
5Five Rung Narrow Base Frame 780x2200mm 6.90KG
6Two Rung Guardrail Frame 1400x1000mm 3.50KG
7Two Rung Narrow Frame 1400x1000mm 4.00KG
8Three Rung Narrow Frame 1400x1500mm 5.70KG
9Four Rung Narrow Frame 1400x2200mm 7.60KG
10Five Rung Base Frame 1400x2200mm 8.80KG
11Walk Thru Frame 1400x2200mm 10.50KG
12Vertical Ladder Frame 780x1000mm 11.50KG
13Vertical Ladder Frame 780x1500mm 7.70KG
14Vertical Ladder Frame 780x2000mm 10.00KG
15Vertical Ladder Frame 780x2200mm 11.20KG
16Vertical Ladder Frame 1400x1000mm 5.90KG
17Vertical Ladder Frame 1400x1500mm 8.70KG
18Vertical Ladder Frame 1400x2000mm 11.50KG
19Vertical Ladder Frame 1400x2200mm 13.00KG
20Stair Ladder 1.8×2.0m 8.90KG
 21Inclined Ladder 350mmx2.0m 5.50KG
 22Inclined Ladder 350mmx1.5m 4.30KG
 Plain Brace
 10.78×1.6m Plain Brace 1.90KG
 20.78×2.0m Plain Brace 2.20KG
 30.78×2.5m Plain Brace 2.80KG
 41.4×2.0m Plain Brace 2.20KG
 51.8×2.3m Plain Brace2.50KG
 62.5×2.9m Plain Brace 3.00KG
 Diagonal Brace
 11.4×2.0m Diagonal Brace2.80 KG
 21.8×2.0 Diagonal Brace 3.00KG
 32.5×1.5m Diagonal Brace 3.20KG
 11.4m Platform 10.90v
 21.6m Platform 13.50KG
 31.8m Platform 18.70KG
 Platform with Trapdoor
 11.4m  Platform with Trapdoor 11.10KG
 21.8m  Platform with Trapdoor 13.90KG
 32.5m  Platform with Trapdoor 19.10KG
 Horizontal Brace
 11.4m Horizontal Brace1.90 KG
 21.8m Horizontal Brace 2.20KG
 32.5m Horizontal Brace 2.60KG
 Standard Stabilizer6.50KG
 Large Stabilizer7.50KG
 Caster Wheel with Adjustable Leg8.0KG
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