Aluma Clip Aluminum Beam A Clamps

Aluma Clip A Clamp is also called aluminum beam clamps, aluma beam clips, formwork  A clamps, etc. It is one of the formwork accessories, used popular in aluma formwork system to fix between formwork aluma beams, stringers, strongbacks, etc.
The Aluma A clips are assembled by one aluminum or steel plate, one set of threaded bolts and nuts, and flat washers.  It designs to fix formwork beam to beam, beam to stringers, stringer to stringer, beam to strongback, etc.
In construction erection, the bolts fit in the slot of the aluminum beams, stringers, or strong backs. On the other end, the “hooked” plate grabs the lip on the flange of another beam, stringer, and strongback. Thus fixes and joints two beams, stringers, and strongbacks together to form support of the formwork slabs, and beams.
Wellmade is the manufacturer of both aluminum beam clips and aluma beams. It is an ISO 9001 and CE-certified factory in China. Send us your list to get an immediate price now.

Aluma Beam Clips

Steel Alum Beam A Clips Specification

  • Material: Steel Plate
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Width: 2″
  • Length 2.55″
  • Bolt: 12mm
  • Bolt Length: 57mm

Aluminum A Clamps Specifications

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Width: 2.3″
  • Length: 2.49″
  • Thickness; 0.1965″
  • Hole: 0.55″
  • Nut: 0.75″
  • Bolt Length: 2.2475″
  • Bolt Diameter: 0.484″
  • Washer Diameter: 1.3535″
  • Washer Thickness: 0.1175″

Aluma System A Clamps Weight

Code No.ItemMaterialWeight
WALAC01Aluma A ClipsSteel0.15 KG
WALAC02Aluma A ClipsAluminum0.14 KG
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