Scaffold Alloy and Steel Beams

Scaffold beams include steel scaffold beams and alloy/aluminium scaffold beams. What are scaffold beams? What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel and alloy scaffold beams? How heavy are the standard steel and alloy beams? You can get answers in this article.

Scaffold beams are the prefabricated scaffold components with trusses, bracing and vertical supports,  which are used to spread the load to form a bridge in a scaffold structure, create the suspended platform, erect temporary roofs, cantilever scaffold etc, where the convenient scaffold can not meet the needs from the ground.

According to the raw, there are two types of scaffold beams in the industry, steel scaffold beams, and alloy scaffold beams.

What is a steel scaffold beam? What is an alloy scaffold beam? Sizes and weight, Disadvantages and advantages, can be found in the next content.

Steel and Alloy Scaffold Beams

Steel Scaffold Beams

Steel scaffold beams are scaffolding beams made from steel. The size of the steel scaffold is OD48.3mm, and the thickness of the steel scaffold beam is 3.2mm or 4.0mm.  Steel scaffold beams include steel ladder beams, and steel unit beams(lattice beams). The steel for the scaffold beam is black or galvanized steel tubes. The grade of the steel scaffold beam raw is S235 or S355 grade, which with yield strength of 235 N/mm2 and 355 N/mm2. Steel scaffold beams are the strongest scaffold beams in construction.

How Much Weight Can Steel Ladder Beams Hold?

Steel Ladder Beam Ultimate Concentrate Load At Weakest Point of Center Point
No.ItemsUltimade Concentrate LoadMain Tube
16.0m Ladder Beam43.07 KNOD48.3×4.0mm
25.0m Ladder Beam34.75 KNOD48.3×3.2mm
34.0 m Ladder Beam42.16 KNOD48.3×3.2mm
43.0m Ladder Beam49.54 KNOD48.3×3.2mm
51.0 m Ladder Beam85.67 KNOD48.3×3.2mm
710.0m Ladder Beam24.45 KNOD48.3×3.2mm

Advantages of Steel Scaffold Beams

  1. Strong Strength
  2. Cheap Cost Than Alloy
  3. Hot Dip Galvanized For Anti-Corrosion
  4. Compatible with All System Scaffold
  5. Meet Up Load Requirement of All Construction & Shoring Requirement
  6. Can Be Fixed and Connected By Standard Scaffolding Couplers and Fittings

Disadvantages of Steel Scaffold Beam

  1. Self-finished (black), painted and electro-galvanized steel scaffolding beams are more susceptible to rust than alloy beams
  2. Higher weight-to-strength ratio. Steel scaffolding beams of the same size are heavier than alloy beams
  3. Difficult to handle on construction sites and projects due to heavyweight
  4. Need to be stored indoors without rain or wet
  5. Requires repeated painting/maintenance over a long period

Alloy Scaffold Beams

Alloy scaffold beams are fabricated from aluminium. The size of the alloy scaffold beams includes aluminium unit beams 450mm deep, aluminium X beams 750mm deep. The aluminium grade includes 6061 T6 or 6082 T6. The size of alloy beam are with out diameter of 48.3mm, the same as the steel beam. The wall thickness is in the range of 4.5-5.0mm.

Advantages of Alloy Scaffold Beams

  1. Strength to Weight Ratio is Higher.  Lightweight but Similar Load As Steel Scaffold Beams
  2. Easy to Handle At Construction & Project Site
  3. More Resistance To Corrosion
  4. Less Paint/Maintenance
  5. Repeat Use and Save Cost In Long Period
  6. Easy Transportation and Load and Unload
  7. Compatible with All System Scaffolds. With a Standard Out Diameter of 48.3mm
  8. Can be Fixed By Standard Scaffold Couplers and Clamps

Disadvantages of Alloy Scaffold Beams

  1. More Expensive Cost for Aluminium/Alloy Raw
  2. Popular Used In Lighter Load Construction & Shoring

Both alloy and steel scaffold beams are compatible with the system scaffold of ringlock, kwikstage, cuplock and tube clamp scaffolding and fixing by scaffold couplers, connectors and joints.

How to Choose Steel or Alloy Scaffold Beams

 How to Choose Steel and Alloy Scaffold Beams 
ItemsSteel Scaffold BeamsAlloy Scaffold Beams
Cheap Cost
Less Maintenance
Easy to Handle
For Rent
High Load

Aluminium(Alloy) & Steel Scaffold Beams Weight

Scaffold Beam Shearing and Load Test Video

450mm Alloy Unit Beam Weight & Specifications

Scaffold Alloy Beam Unit Beams

450mm Deep Alloy Beams Bending Moment 15.7KN, Allowable Shear-13.9KN, Ultimate Shearing 18.5KN.

Code No.DeepLengthWeight(KG)

750mm Alloy Scaffold X Beam Weight and Specification

750mm alloy beam aluminium scaffold beams
750mm alloy beam aluminium scaffold beams
Code No.DeepLengthWeight(KG)

305mm Steel Ladder Beam Weight and Specification

Scaffold Ladder Beams Steel Scaffolding Beam
Scaffold Ladder Beams Steel Scaffolding Beam
Code No.Length(mt)Weight(KG)

Scaffold Steel Unit Beam Weight and Specification

450mm Alloy Beam Aluminium Unit Beam Scaaffold Beams

Code No.Length(Mtr)Weight(KG)

Scaffold Ladder Beam Manufacturing/Fabrication Video

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