Alloy And Steel Beams

Hanging Scaffold Alloy Steel Beams

Alloy Unit Beams is a type of aluminium beams made from aluminium scaffold tubes in size of OD48.3x4.0mm for main tube of the alloy beams. It is a type of High Strength and Light Duty Scaffold Beams, which is an essential scaffold component, compatible with all types of scaffolding and applications include Bridging, Birdcage, Suspended Platforms, Temporary Roofs, Cantilever Scaffolds,
Alloy Unit Beams is Jointed together with Spigot Connectors to Create Longer Spans, The Spigot Connectors need to be used in Pairs and Secured with High Tensile Spring Pins and Nuts with Bolts.
Alloy Beams in Aluminium are Available in Two Types by Deeps include 450mm Deep and 750mm Deep in all different Lengths:
Scaffold Alloy Unit Beams 450mm Deep
Code No. Deep Length Weight(KG) 450mm Deep  Scaffold Alloy Beams Aluminium Unit Beam
WALB4540 450mm 4.0/4.1mtr 21KG
WALB4550 450mm 5.0/5.1mtr 26.2KG
WALB4560 450mm 6.0/6.1mtr 31.5KG
WALB4580 450mm 8.0/8.1mtr 42.0KG
Wellmade 450mm Deep Alloy Beams Bending Moment 15.7KN, Allowable Shear-13.9KN, Ultimate Shearing 18.5KN.


Scaffold Alloy Beams 750mm Deep
Code No. Deep Length Weight(KG) 750mm alloy beams scaffold unit beam
WALB7510 750mm 1.0m 8.0KG
WALB7520 750mm 2.0m 16KG
WALB7530 750mm 3.0m 24KG
WALB7540 750mm 4.0m 32KG
WALB7560 750mm 48KG
Wellmade 750mm Deep Alloy Beams Allowable Bending Moment-33KNm, Allowable Shear-44KN.
Steel Ladder Beam is made from Steel Scaffold Tube in OD48.3x4.0mm S235 Steel Grade and OD48.3x3.2mm S355 Steel Grade. Surface Treatment for Steel Ladder Beam is Included of Hot Dip Galvanized Ladder Beams, Ladder Beam made from Galvanized Tube, and Painted Beams. Deep for Ladder Beam can be 300mm and 305mm.
Scaffold Steel Ladder Beam
Code No. Length(mtr) Weight(KG) scaffold ladder beam steel beam ladder
WMLB150(5') 1.5m 18KG
WMLB180(6') 1.8m 2.17KG
WMLB210(7') 2.1m 25.3KG
WMLB240(8') 2.4m 28.9KG
WMLB270(9') 2.7m 32.5KG
WMLB300(10') 3.0m 36.1KG
WMLB330(11') 3.3m 39.8KG
WMLB360(12') 3.6m 43.4KG
WMLB390(13') 3.9m 47.0KG
WMLB420(14') 4.2m 50.6KG
WMLB450(15') 4.5m 54.2KG
WMLB480(16') 4.8m 57.9KG
WMLB510(17') 5.1m 61.5KG
WMLB540(18') 5.4m 65.1KG
WMLB570(19') 5.7m 68.7KG
WMLB600(20') 6.0m 72.3KG
WMLB640(21') 6.4m 76.0KG
Scaffold Steel Unit Beam
Code No. Length(Mtr) Weight(KG) scaffold steel unit beam
WMUB180 1.8m 23.0KG
WMUB240 2.4m 29.0KG
WMUB270 2.7m 34.0KG
WMUB360 3.6m 43.0KG

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