• Adjustable scaffolding wheels with castors and adjustable screw jack base
  • Adjustable scaffolding wheels with castors and adjustable screw jack base
  • Adjustable scaffolding wheels with castors and adjustable screw jack base
  • Adjustable scaffolding wheels with castors and adjustable screw jack base
  • Adjustable scaffolding wheels with castors and adjustable screw jack base

Adjustable Scaffolding Wheels

Wellmade manufactures all types of adjustable scaffold wheels. Include adjustable rubber scaffolding wheels, adjustable PU scaffold wheels, adjustable plastic scaffold wheels, and adjustable cast iron scaffold wheels.

According to caster wheel sizes, there are 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” adjustable scaffolding wheels for your choice.

The load capacity of the caster wheels includes 300- 800 KG. Heavy-duty adjustable scaffold wheels can take 9KN to 20KN weight from the scaffolding towers.

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Wellmade Adjustable Scaffolding Wheels

Code No.Product NameCode No.Product Name
WAW 105Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 5″ Rubber CastersWAW 108Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 8″ Rubber Casters
WAW 205Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 5″ PU CastersWAW 208Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 8″ PU Casters
WAW 305Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 5″ Cast Iron CastersWAW 308Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 8“ Cast Iron Casters
WAW 405Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 5″ Plastic CastersWAW 408Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 8″ Plastic Casters
WAW 106Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 6″ Rubber CastersWAW 110Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 10″ Rubber Casters
WAW 206Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 6″ PU CastersWAW 210Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 10″ PU Casters
WAW 306Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 6″ Cast Iron CastersWAW 310Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 10″ Cast Iron Casters
WAW 406Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 6″ Plastic CastersWAW 410Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 10″ Plastic Casters
WAW 112Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 12” Rubber CastersWAW 312Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 12″ Cast Iron Casters
WAW 212Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 12″ PU CastersWAW 412Adjustable Scaffold Wheel 12″ Plastic Casters

Adjustable Scaffolding Wheel Ultimate Guide

Adjustable scaffolding wheels are a type of scaffold casters integrated with flat plates and an adjustable scaffold jack base. It is a part of mobile scaffold towers.

In building construction, the adjustable scaffold jacks help level the height of the mobile scaffolding tower in construction. While the scaffold caster wheels make scaffold towers motorized.

That is why you can call the adjustable scaffolding wheels scaffolding caster jacks, scaffold tower adjustable wheels, adjustable scaffold wheels, or leveling jacks with caster, etc.

According to the scaffolding wheel types, you can find rubber, PU, cast iron, and plastic adjustable scaffolding wheels in Wellmade.  Scaffolding wheel sizes include 127mm(5″), 152mm(6″), 200mm(8″), 254mm(10″) and 305mm (12″).

As part of the adjustable scaffold wheels, the adjustable scaffold screw jack base is another part of the adjustable scaffold parts. There are a lot of different types of scaffold screw jacks for your adjustable wheels. Include hollow-type scaffold screw jacks and solid-type scaffold jack bases.

The scaffold jack base height of the adjustable scaffolding wheels includes 300mm to 1o00mm in overall length.

As a stem part of the adjustable scaffolding wheels, the diameter of the scaffold base jack needs to match the scaffolding pole sizes. Basically, the adjustable scaffolding wheel stem diameter needs to be smaller than the inside diameter of scaffolding poles.

For instance, the OD48.3mm scaffold standards require 38mm dia scaffold stem adjustable scaffold wheels. While OD60mm heavy-duty scaffold poles require OD48mm diameter adj scaffolding wheel stems.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Wheels

Heavy-duty adjustable scaffolding wheels are with PU or cast iron casters. It is always big sizes wheel in 8″ to 12″.

Heavy-duty adjustable scaffolding wheels can take 800 KG (8KN) to 1.3 tons(13KN). It is used for many types of scaffolding systems including tube and clamps scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, shoring frame systems, crab 60 shoring systems, quick lock scaffolding, etc.

Adjustable Scaffolding Caster Wheels Ultimate Load Capacity Test Video

For durable purposes, the adjustable scaffolding wheels are able to be finished in zinc-plated or hot dip galvanized.

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Adjustable Scaffolding Caster FAQ

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