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Scaffolding Props

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Scaffolding Props

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding prop manufacturer. We supply all sizes of scaffolding props for you from 1.6 to 6m in height. Among them, the most common sizes include 3m,3.2m, 3.5m, 3.6m, 3.9m, 4.0m, 4.2m, 4.5m, 5.5m, etc. You can choose your scaffolding prop according to the max height requirement of the concrete formwork and shuttering in construction.
There are 5 types of scaffolding props available: light-duty props, heavy-duty props, medium-duty props, push-pull props, and trench struts. All types of scaffolding props are adjustable in customized height.
Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding props manufacturer. We supply you best quality scaffolding props:

  • All scaffolding prop raw materials and accessories are tested before using in manufacturing. Include inner and outer tubes, base plates, prop nuts and prop sleeve, prop lock pins, etc.
  • Scaffolding prop welding lines are tested according to ISO 3834 & EN 1090 according to CE certification requirements.
  • Scaffolding prop ultimate load (bearing weight) is tested according to EN 1065 standard.

You can expect a cheaper price buying scaffolding props from Wellmade. We have 50,000 sqm automatic production lines with continuous production. Big scale production capacity and ISO 9001 efficient management saves cost and make good price be true.
Wellmade scaffolding props are used in different types of formwork and shuttering including column formwork, slab formwork, beam formwork, wall formwork, and strut construction. We supply scaffold props for formwork and scaffold companies to 58 countries.
Tell us your scaffolding prop requirement to get an immediate competitive price now.

Scaffolding Props Types and Sizes

4.5m scaffolding props painted with cast prop nut

4.5m scaffolding props include B45, C45, D45, and E45 according to the load capacity. E45 is the heaviest scaffold prop for your concrete. While B45 is the light-duty prop jacks.

class b scaffolding props light duty adjustable steel props for concrete slab and beams

Class B scaffolding props are light-duty adjustable steel props. There are B25, B30, B35, B40, B45, B50, and B55 sizes according to EN 1065 standard.

Class C scaffolding props adjustable medium duty steel props

Class C scaffolding props include sizes of C25,C30, C35,C40, C45, C50 and C55. It is medium-duty scaffold prop. While C25 needs an ultimate load of no less than 40.8KN. C55 scaffold props are no less than 18.6KN.

Class D scaffolding props heavy duty telescopic steel props hi load post shore post

Class D scaffolding prop is heavy-duty. Size include D25, D30, D35, D40, D45 and D50,D55. All D class heavy duty scaffold props load are no less than 34 KN.

Class E scaffolding props galvanized for heavy duty load capacity formwork concrete and shoring support

Class E scaffolding props to the heaviest scaffolding props. The required steel prop load is no less than 51 KN. You can find different sizes in E25, E30, E35, E40, E50 and E55.

push pull prop wellmade for wall and column formwork support

Push pull props are a type of scaffolding props used to support wall formwork and column formwork. It can be single or double braces. You find a max 6m push pull props for your concrete.

Construction Prop Trench Strut

Trench struts are horizontal types of scaffolding props. It is used in strut construction.

scaffolding prop with tripod

Scaffolding tripods are always with three legs. It is a scaffolding prop support in concrete formwork and shoring. Tripod sizes need to match up with scaffold prop dimensions.

Fixed Fork Head with Tubular Spigot

Scaffolding fork heads are inserted at top of the scaffolding props. They are joined together with scaffold props in the formwork propping system.

scaffolding prop sleeves galvanized wellmade

Scaffolding prop parts include prop sleeve and prop nut. Prop sleeves are always threaded with screws. It always works with prop nuts in adjusting the steel prop height in construction.

scaffolding prop nut on sleeves forged and cast types

Scaffold prop nuts work with the scaffolding prop sleeves. It is always with inner threaded matched up with the prop sleeve threads. You can find forged and cast prop nuts in both heavy and lightweight.

scaffolding shoring prop sleeve and nut

Shoring props nuts like cups. It is with 2 handles on both sides of the cups. The shoring prop nuts can be threaded from a scaffold tube. It can be a type of cast iron or cast steel too.

Scaffolding Prop Quality Control (Load Test Video)

Wellmade has the top quality control system during the scaffolding prop manufacturing. This video is showing the prop nut load capacity test. This prop nut test is not only tests the quality of scaffold prop sleeves but also ensures the scaffolding prop sleeve nut strong enough in the concrete forming and shuttering.
More the scaffolding prop accessories regular test, you can find more tests in steel grade, shearing, and bending according to BS EN standards. Raw materials are not able to be put in scaffold prop manufacturing before pasting all of the tests.

Ultimate Guide for Scaffolding Props

What is Scaffolding Prop

Scaffolding props are adjustable support posts under formwork. It carries loads in concrete slabs, beams, columns, and walls. The scaffolding props are composites of inner tubes, outer tubes, top and bottom plates, props sleeves with treads, robust prop nuts, lock pins, etc.

Scaffolding prop is also called prop jacks, steel props, shoring props, formwork props, construction props, shuttering props, building props, steel support, post shore, etc.

All scaffolding props are adjustable with closed heights and open heights. Thus another word for scaffolding props is a telescopic prop or adjustable prop. If the scaffolding props are made of steel tubular structure, it is also called adjustable steel props.

In the UK and European countries, the scaffolding props are called acrow props too. It is named according to Mr. A Acrowe, the one who create the acrow prop for construction.

Scaffolding props are manufactured by steel scaffold tubes or aluminum tubular profiles. Thus there are steel scaffolding props and aluminum scaffold props.

Steel scaffolding props are the best shuttering materials. It can take more weight from the concrete than aluminum props. While the cost is much cheaper too. In order to make the steel scaffolding props more durable with longer life, you can ask for hot-dip galvanizing finished scaffold props. HDG steel scaffolding props can be repeated using at least 10 years with rusty.

Scaffolding props are used in all types of formwork concrete including slab formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, wall formwork, trench struts construction, etc. While wall formwork uses push-pull props a lot. Trench structs is a type of horizontal acrow props. It is used horizontally in the trench construction support.

Propping System and Scaffolding Props

A propping system is a system used to temporarily support loads during construction.  In the system, you can find the following propping system parts:

  1. Adjustable Scaffolding Props
  2. Scaffolding H20 Beams
  3. Film Faced Plywood
  4. Scaffolding Prop Tripod
  5. Scaffolding Prop U Head or Fork Head
  6.  H20 Beam Fixing
  7. Prop Bracing
  8. Strongboy

Adjustable scaffolding props are the best type of propping system. It is easy to install and dismantle in concrete construction. Meanwhile, you can use the same specifications of scaffolding props for different heights. The way is very simple. Just need to adjust the telescopic props to a required height and fix them by the prop lock pins.

In the propping system, you can also use the following 5 main scaffolding types as vertical shoring poles:

What Scaffolding Prop Do You need?

You can choose scaffolding props in 2 steps:

  1. What is the max height you want the scaffolding prop to support
  2. How much weight do you want the scaffold prop to take (load capacity)

The max height of concrete helps you to choose what size of scaffolding acrow props you need. For example, if you want a support max of 4m. You can choose 2.2-4m scaffold props. If you want to support a concrete max height of 5.5m, you can choose B55, C55, D55, or E 55 scaffolding props.

You need to confirm how much weight the scaffold prop needs to take from the concrete too. You can calculate the shuttering materials according to slab thickness, volume, and concrete density. The density of concrete is 2.4-3.2 g/cm3.  You can calculate how much weight a single unit of propping needs to take. Then you are able to decide which scaffold props are suitable for your concrete construction: light duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty types?

Following are the acrow props technical data. You can find in the table:

  1. Adjustable height (tall) of each arrow prop size
  2. The maximum height of all sizes of acrow props
  3. How much weight acrow props can take for each size (size 0, size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4)
  4. What are the shortest acrow props and how tall(big) of each size of acrow props?

You can choose which size of acrow props are most needed accordingly.

No.Acrow Prop TypeAcrow Prop SizesMax HeightBearing Weight
At Max Height
1Acrow Prop Size 01.04m – 1.83m1.83m60 KN
2Acrow Prop Size 11.75m – 3.12m3.12m38 KN
3Acrow Prop Size 21.98m – 3.35m3.35m36 KN
4Acrow Prop Size 32.59m -3.96m3.96m35 KN
5Acrow Prop Size 43.20m – 4.86m4.86m26 KN

Formwork Types and Scaffold Props

Formwork is a system that is used to create temporary molds in different shapes for concrete pouring. After the concrete, the construction slabs, columns, walls, and beams are formed.

Definitely, you can find 2 types of formwork, traditional formwork, and modular formwork.

Traditional formwork is a type of formwork using simple timbers and woods. You can cut the timbers into different lengths which would be convenient for your forming at the site.

Modular formworks are modular systems with the standard sizes of panels, corners, angles, connecting formwork clamps(wedge clamps, aligner(alignment) clamps), and accessories (tie rods and rebars, water stoppers (water barriers), wing nut, waler plate (base plate), rapid clips) . It reduces cutting materials at the construction site.

There are 5 different types of modular formworks:

  1. Steel Formwork
  2. Aluminum Formwork
  3. Plywood Formwork
  4. Steel- Ply Formwork
  5. Plastic Formwork

Steel formwork is fabricated from steel plates and profiles. It is the best shuttering material in construction. Steel formwork can bear more weight under the concrete, while the cost is much cheaper than aluminum formworks. That is why heavy load concrete projects like bridge construction, highway, and industrial plants are using steel formwork in their concrete and shuttering.

Aluminum formwork is made of aluminum profiles. It is a type of lightweight formwork. Easy to handle and transportation at the concrete construction site. Aluminum formwork cost is higher than steel formwork. It can take less weight than steel formwork too. Thus aluminum formwork is used a lot in normal civil, industrial, and commercial construction concrete shuttering.

Plywood formwork is film-faced plywood. The sizes of the plywood formwork include 4′ (1220mm) x 8′(2440mm). You can find other sizes in 915mm (3′)x1830mm(6′). Plywood formwork thickness can be 12mm to 26mm according to the weight-bearing requirement.

Steel ply formwork is a type of steel formwork. It is a modular formwork joint with steel frames and plywood panels. The joints protect both steel formwork frames and plywood panels. Thus steel ply formwork has the longest life among all types of formwork.

Plastic formwork is not produced in Wellmade. But is one of the common formwork systems in a lot of projects too. Lightweight, cheap price is the main advantage.

For all types of formwork, they need scaffolding props for shoring and support. Both the steel props and aluminum props are able to use in the formwork support. For heavy duty load formwork, you can choose telescopic props in sizes of C 25 to C55, D25 to D55, and E25 to E55 adjustable props. For light-duty concrete and forms, you can choose the props in sizes of A25 to A 40, and B25 to B55.

Props In Concrete Shuttering

Concrete shuttering is the erection of a temporary mold that holds and contains the concrete in place until the concrete hardens sufficiently to hold its own shape.

Basically, there are 4 different types of concrete shutters for RCC shuttering

  1. Slab Shuttering
  2. Beam Shuttering
  3. Column Shuttering
  4. Wall Shuttering

Slab shuttering is shuttering used for concrete slabs and floors. It is the most used type of shuttering in construction and civil engineering. Scaffold props are used commonly in slab shuttering that propping up the floors and slabs.

Beam shuttering is always used together with the concrete slab shutter,  it needs vertical support by propping up the system. Beam shuttering needs more scaffolding props because the concrete is thicker than slab shutters. Thus it takes more weight from the concrete.

Column shuttering is shuttering used to form different shapes of columns in building construction. The column shuttering can be round, square, etc.  In the propping, column shuttering needs more scaffolding props than the regular slab and beam shuttering. Let us say, the regular slab and beam shutter propping distance are approx 300-600mm. Column shuttering concrete propping should be at a distance of 9″(228mm).

Wall shuttering is concrete formwork used to form RCC walls in construction. Wall formwork always needs single or double-braced push-pull props in the shoring.

Adjustable steel props are the best shutters in construction. They can take more loads under the concretes. While it is easy to move from slabs, beams, and walls.

Shuttering propping system is not only include parts of scaffolding props. Other shuttering materials are needed to form the propping system. Include plywood, tripod, fork head, u head, formwork beams(H20 timber beams or steel wailer beams, aluma beams, etc), etc.

What Are Steel Props

Steel props are adjustable vertical pipe support made of steel scaffolding tubes. It is one type of scaffolding prop. The steel props are adjustable, so it is also called adjustable steel props or telescopic steel props.

Steel props are made of high-strength steel-grade materials. It can take heavier weight than aluminum props. While the adjustable steel props are much cheaper than aluminum scaffolding props.  Thus 90% of scaffolding props are types of steel props.

In order to extend steel props service life, you can ask for surface treatment on the steel props. Include color coating and painting, as well as galvanizing.

You can choose your favorite colors for the painted steel prop scaffolding. Like red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, silver, and so on. Painted and coated scaffolding props life will be about 1-5 years.

Galvanized steel props include 3 types: 1) hot-dip galvanized props 2) E-galvanized props 3) Pre-galvanized props.

Among the 3 types of galvanizing props, hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel props are the most expensive type of steel props. But it is durable enough without rusty for more than 10 years of service life.

E-galvanizing scaffold prop is also called zinc plated or cold galvanizing props.  It is with less zinc thickness than HDG props. Zinc-plated steel props are fewer life terms in anti-corrosion, say 2-5 years.

Pre-galvanized steel prop is also called GI Props. It is made of premier galvanized steel scaffolding pipes. In the steel props welding, the premier galvanized zinc will be damaged. Thus need zinc-rich paint on the welding lines.  Pre-galvanized steel props cost is similar to zinc-plated steel props. Both of them are much cheaper than hot-dip galvanised steel props.

Scaffolding Prop Tube Sizes

Scaffolding props are made of scaffold tubes. The prop tube includes an inner tube and an outer tube.  You can find the following tube sizes for your scaffolding props

  1. OD40mm Inner Tube, OD 49mm Outer Tube
  2. OD48mm Inner Tube, OD56mm Outer Tube
  3. OD48mm Inner Tube, OD60mm Outer Tube
  4. OD59mm Inner Tube, OD71mm Outer Tube
  5. OD63mm Inner Tube, OD76mm Outer Tube
  6. OD71mm Inner Tube, OD83mm Outer Tube
  7. OD77mm Inner Tube, OD89mm Outer Tube
  8. OD87mm Inner Tube, OD99mm Outer Tube

Scaffolding steel props steel grades for the inner tube and outer tube include S235 and S355. While the tube wall thickness is available in a range of 1.5mm to 8.0mm.

How Do You Brace Scaffolding Props

Scaffolding props are with bottom plates. Thus it can independently stand in the concrete shoring and support. You can also put a prop tripod to stand the props if you want to make the scaffolding props more stable.

Wellmade designed the scaffolding props with lock pins too. The lock pins are able to brace between different scaffolding props. You can check the following photos of how the scaffolding prop braces each other with the lock pins.

Construction Concrete Rebars and Formwork Propping

In construction concrete, formwork propping offers vertical pipe support. After the propping up, you can arrange the rebars for your concrete. Concrete rebars are reinforcing steel bars used to reinforce the formwork concrete.  No matter what type of shutters, like slab shutter, column shutter, or wall shutter, the steel rebars help the concrete from falling apart.  Steel rebar sizes for the concrete construction include:

  1. 16mm Rebars
  2. 12mm Rebars
  3. 10mm Rebars
  4. 8mm Rebars
  5. 15mm Rebars
  6. 14mm Rebars
  7. 20mm Rebars
  8. 22mm Rebars
  9. 25mm Rebas
  10. 32mm Rebars
  11. 40mm Rebars
  12. 50mm Rebars

Wellmade Scaffolding Props details

Wellmade scaffolding props are also called adjustable scaffolding prop jacks. We are the manufacturer of all types of scaffolding props. For each type of scaffold props, there are complete sizes and specifications for your choosing.

Wellmade scaffolding prop jacks are always with a base plate at the bottom to connect with the construction ground. While the top base plate could be a flat plate or U head, fork head, cross head.

The scaffolding prop with flat plates is the most common type of scaffolding prop used in concrete construction. At the center of the flat plate, there is a hole. The hole is used to connect with a separated scaffolding u head, cross head, fork head, etc.

If you want easier scaffolding props for your construction support, you can ask us to manufacture for you with an integrated u head and fork head at the top.  U head and fork heads on the scaffolding props are able to support the formwork beams and plywood in concrete. Functionally, the scaffolding props with integrated top U head make your construction concrete more convenient and saving.

According to the adjustable scaffolding prop jack load capacity, you can find Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty types of scaffolding props in Wellmade.

Lightweight scaffold Props are made of thinner scaffolding structures. It takes lower bearing in 10-15 KN. It is required for normal civil construction and thin slab concrete.

Lightweight scaffolding props use less steel raw materials, thus it is in cheaper price. If a 10-15 KN load is enough for your concrete, you can choose light weight props that would save your construction cost a lot compared to using heavier duty steel props.

Medium Duty and Heavy Duty prop jacks are used in thick concrete formwork in slabs, beams, walls, and columns forming. They are popular required in industrial construction, commercial construction, and infrastructure construction like bridges, highways, plant construction, etc.

Wellmade’s engineer team is able to design the scaffolding adjustable steel scaffolding prop jacks according to your requirement.

Our scaffolding prop jack designs are not only based on your load capacity requirement. But also based on your concrete slab and beam height requirement.

According to the slab and floor height, the adjustable scaffolding prop jack height could reach up to 6 meters.

Wellmade scaffolding prop load capacity designs are based on the scaffolding prop ultimate load capacity result.

You can tell us your slab and concrete shuttering load capacity details and requirements. We will design the adjustable scaffolding prop jack according to the safety factor, and your safe load (weight-bearing) requirement at each height.

In surface treatment, you can find Painted, Zinc-plated, Pre-galvanized, and Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Steel Prop Jacks here.

In steel grade, you can choose S235 normal steel or S355 higher steel grade structure during the scaffolding Prop Jacks manufacturing.

Light to Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Prop Jacks Specifications

Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks Tube Size & Spec
Inner TubeOD48.3×1.4-1.7mmOD48.3×1.8-2.0mmOD48.3×2.0-2.3mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×1.4-1.7mmOD60.3×1.8-2.0mmOD60.3×2.0-2.3mm
Medium Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks Tube Size & Spec
Inner TubeOD48.3×2.4mmOD48.3×2.5mmOD48.3×2.7mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×2.4mmOD60.3×2.5mmOD60.3×2.7mm
Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks Tube Size & Spec
Inner TubeOD48.3×2.8-4.0mmOD60x3.0-4.0mmOD76x3.0-4.0mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×2.8-4.0mmOD76x3.0-4.0mmOD80x3.0-4.0mm

As a CE-certified scaffolding prop jack supplier, You can find the highest quality scaffolding prop jacks with plump welding seam, smooth surface, qualified steel grade, etc.

Wellmade Scaffolding Prop Jack Plate Types

Scaffolding props plates include bottom plates and top plates.  Bottom scaffold prop plates are always flat type. The sizes of the bottom plates include 120x120mm, 125x125mm, 100x100mm, 130x130mm, 140x140mm, 150x150mm etc.

Bottom scaffold prop plate shapes can be flower type or square type customized. The plate thickness is from 4mm to 10mm. For light-duty scaffolding props, 4mm and 5mm plates are always required. For the heavy-duty scaffold props, the plates would be 6-10mm. That helps the scaffold props take more loads from the concrete.

Scaffolding prop top plates include flat type, u head type, crosshead type and forkhead types.

Flat plates at top of the scaffolding props are always the same as the bottom plates. The top plate center holes help to connect with fixed scaffolding U head and fork head.

Wellmade Scaffolding Prop Jack Nuts

Wellmade scaffolding prop jack nuts include forged type, cast iron type, and cast steel type. Among them, cast iron type is commonly used. The cost of the cast iron prop nut is cheaper than forged and cast steel type of prop nuts.

Forged and cast steel props nuts are always with machinery threads according to prop sleeve diameter. They are strong and able to fit better with the prop sleeve too.

Forged prop nuts are the most durable type of nuts. In fabrication, the scaffold prop nuts are forged from heated steel round bars. The hardness is less and durable is much better than cast-type prop nuts.

Wellmade Scaffold Prop Sleeves

The scaffold prop sleeve out diameter is matched with the scaffold prop outer tubes.  Scaffold prop sleeves are always screwed with threads. The screw threads are working with the prop nut in the scaffolding prop jack adjusting.

There are 2 slots on both sides of the scaffolding props. Scaffold prop lock pins are inserted into the slots in the scaffolding jack height adjusting. According to the prop diameter, there are 60mm, 63mm, 76mm, 71mm, and 89mm diameter prop sleeves.

Scaffold Prop Lock Pins

Wellmade manufactures all types of scaffold prop lock pins. Include G pins, straight pins with chain, straight lock pins with rope, etc. The sizes of the prop lock pins are customized including 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, etc. Scaffold prop lock pin can be E-galvanized(yellow or white color) or hot dip galvanized finishing. In order to max the scaffolding prop load capacity, Wellmade always uses 8.8 top-class prop lock pins. While if you want S235 and S355 normal steel grade, it is available too.

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