Adjustable Scaffold Leg Screw

Adjustable scaffold leg screw is a scaffolding feet of system scaffolding of ringlock and cuplock for OD48.3mm Scaffolding Poles. It is made from OD38mm scaffold tube with jack nut and base plate. The Scaffold jacks can be in square threaded or round threaded in layher allround scaffolding.

Galvanized Scaffolding Adjustable Leg  Feet Screw is made from OD38mm scaffold tube for OD48.3mm scaffolding Poles & Verticals.
Components of the scaffold jacks include a base plate, scaffolding jack handles and screw threaded pipe.
The scaffolding jack base leveling legs are used for system scaffolding of ringlock and cuplock.
Shape of the leveling jack base plate are special layher designed.
Screw type of the adjustable leveling feet lets can be square type threaded or round strong threaded.
Hot-dip galvanized and E-galvanized(zinc-plated) anti-rusty treatment are both available.

adjustable scaffold leg screw jack base-layher scaffolding allround sytsem ringlock cuplock adjustable leg feet

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