Adjustable Column Clamp Bars

In formwork concrete, single bar type adjustable column clamp is used popularly worldwide.  What are column clamp bars? What are the sizes and types? Why it is so popular used? You will get answers here.
The adjustable column clamp bars are heavy-duty formwork clamps with slots, made by high-strength steel plates, they are used to form square or rectangular columns in concrete construction. Easy to use, saves time on concrete site and sturdy in use.
There are a lot types and sizes of the adjustable column clamps.  In the next content, you will get more details.

Dimensions of Adjustable Column Clamp Bars

  • Adjustable column clamp width is 2″(50mm), 2.5″(63.5mm) and 3″(76mm)
  • The thickness of the adjustable column clamp bars is 8mm to 10mm
  • The lengths of the column clamp bars are adjustable as the following table
CodeOverall LengthsColumn Size (mm)
WCCB01965.2mm254 – 609.6
WCCB02660.4mm152 – 305
WCCB031219mm254 – 863.6
WCCB04965mm254- 609
WCCB051270mm305 -914.4
WCCB061524mm558.8 – 1168
WCCB071161mm400 – 600
WCCB081361mm500 – 800
WCCB091647mm700 – 1000
WCCB101847mm900 – 1200
WCCB112047mm1100 – 1400
WCCB122247mmm1300 – 1600
WCCB132447mm1500 – 1800
WCCB142747mm1900 – 2100

How to Choose Adjustable Column Clamp Bar Sizes

You can choose the adjustable column clamp bars according to your column sizes based on the above length table.
If you want to calculate the adjustable column bar size by yourself. You need to add a safety length of 350- 650mm longer than the maximum column sizes you want to use.  The adjustable range of the column clamp is normally 300 – 610mm.

Types of Adjustable Column Clamps Bars

Adjustable column clamp bar types can be single bars or L-shaped.

Single bars are simple straight bars with slots on them. One set needs four pieces of the single adjustable column clamp.

L-shaped column clamps are fixed two singles together. One set of column clamp bars needs two sets of L-shaped adjustable column clamps.

Wedge pins are the fixing device in the adjustable column clamp bar assembly. The wedge pins can be fixed on the adjustable column clamp bars by chains. They can also be separated from the bars.

Adjustable Column Clamp Bar Sizes and Columns Fixed By Wedge Pins
Adj Column Clamp Bar Fixed By Wedge Pins in Column Concrete

How to Use Adjustable Column Clamps:

· 1. Forming Column Size By Adjusting Column Clamp Bars
· 2. Fixing Column Sizes By Inserting Wedge Pins In Slots of the Clamps
· 3. Further, Adjust the Clamp Till Satisfied.
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