Adjustable Column Clamps | Concrete Formwork Accessories

Adjustable Column Clamps are Concrete Formwork Accessories Used to hold the sections of a concrete column form together while the concrete is being placed.
The Adjustable Column Formwork Clamp from Wellmade Scaffold is one set of devices that include fixed-on components of wedge pins and chain fittings. This type of Column Clam Design is convenient to ensure a faster erection work in concrete formwork.
According to load capacity requirement, the Adjustable Column Clamps steel structure can be designed in different thicknesses. A double-channel type of adjustable column clamp is required if a high load is needed.
 The length of the Clamp is customized according to column size.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

How to Used Adjustable Column Clamps:

· 1. Column Clamp Wedge Pins-Size same as slot size on Column Clamp
· 2. Put Chain-Connector of Wedge Pin Inside of the Slop Holes Fixing
· 3. Further, Adjust the Clamp Till Satisfied.
Formwork Adjustable Column Clamp Sizes
Sizes no.Min&Max Distance Between inside of opposite arms(cm)Length of arms cmWidth of arms cm
Formwork Adjustable Column Clamp Sizes
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