Acrow Prop Size 4

Wellmade is Acrow Props Manufacturer & Supplier In China. We produce all sizes of Acrow Props, Include Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and Size 4. If you want to support slabs & beams more than 4.82m height. We can design for you Size 5 too.

Acrow Prop Size 4 is a Type of Tall Telescopic Steel Formwork Props. The Adjustable Range of the Acrow Prop Size 4 is 3.20m to 4.82m. Load Capacity at 3.20m is 50 KN. When the Acrow Prop Fully Extended to 4.82m(Maximum Size), the Steel Prop Load Capacity is 26 KN. If you want Acrow Props with Higher Capacity, Tell us How Much Weight You want to take, Our Engineers will design for you in free.

Different from other Chinese Scaffolding Companies, Wellmade is CE Certified Scaffolding Formwork Manufacturer Audited by ISO 3834 and EN 1090. We offer high-quality Acrow Props. More than that, You can Get More Benefits in Saving Cost and Professional Door to Door Service from Wellmade

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Acrow Prop Size 4 Test Report Technical Data

Wellmade’s Acrow Prop Size 4 Specification and Weight

Code No.ItemsInner TubeOuter TubeAdjustable RangeWeightSteel GradeSurface
WACP4Arow Prop Size 4OD 48mmOD 60mm3.20-4.82m30.00 KGS355Painted|Gal

Galvanized and Painted Acrow Prop Size 4

You can choose galvanized acrow props or painted ones when you buy the steel props from Wellmade.  Galvanized acrow props make the acrow props with longer life. Painting Steel Props save your cost and protect your acrow props too

Acrow Prop Size 4 Galvanized

Load Capacity of Steel Props for Formwork and Shoring

Acrow Prop Size 4, as the longest acrow props in all of the sizes, can not take as much weight as other shorter sizes. In Wellmade, we had tested the acrow prop size 4 load capacity as the following:

Load Capacity of Steel Acrow Prop Size 4
ItemsLoad Capacity at 3.2mLoad Capacity at 4.82m
Acrow Prop Size 450.06 KN26.1KG



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