Access Hook On Steel Ladder

Wellmade’s hook on steel ladder is an access component of the South Africa type modular kwikstage scaffolding system. Different from normal scaffold ladders, the S.A type kwikstage system steel scaffolding ladder includes 2 big hooks and 2 small hooks. The hooks connect to the kwik stage scaffolding ledger parts in construction.

Wellmade’s hook-on steel scaffolding ladders are manufactured according to ISO 9001 management. Welding quality is according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE requirement.  Our quality help us keep long term working with clients. While we also offer a product warranty for you.

More than steel scaffolding ladders, aluminium ladders are available as request.  Send us your kwikstage scaffolding part list and the hook-on scaffolding ladder requirement. You will get great benefits in our quality, price and services.

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Wellmade’s Hook-on Scaffolding Ladder

Wellmade customizes your sizes of the kwikstage scaffolding steel scaffolding ladder according to your scaffold designs.  While the n0rmal size of the hook on the scaffolding ladder is in 1m to 5m.
You can find both galvanized and paint steel scaffolding ladders according to your construction requirement in Wellmade. Painting colour of the steel scaffolding ladder is customized according to your colour code. While, hot dip galvanized makes your scaffold steel ladders more durable in long term.
In manufacturing and fabrication, Wellmade makes the kwikstage scaffold ladder from high strength steel structure. The ladder stringer is made from 10mm steel plate and you can find the ladder steps are made from steel round bars.
Big and small hooks on the access steel ladder scaffolding help safety in construction. It ensures the ladder working in the stable without moving. More than that, you just need to put the scaffolding ladder on the horizontal parts of the kwik stage system scaffold. It is really quick erect.
You can use the steel scaffolding ladders in many scaffolding industries. Include construction and building tower, Formwork support access system and industrial, commercial scaffolding projects. 
Wellmade’s hook on steel scaffolding ladders is independent scaffolding parts. In scaffolding erection, you do not need to fix it with any extra scaffolding fittings or couplers.

Kwikstage Hook-On Steel Ladders

WKSL1001.0m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 10009.55
WKSL1501.5m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 150014.32
WKSL2002.0m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 200019.05
WKSL2502.5m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 250023.81
WKSL3003.0m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 300027.8
WKSL3503.5m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 350033.49
WKSL4004.0m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 400038.28
WKSL4504.5m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 450043.07
WKSL5005.0m Hook On Steel Ladder320 x 500047.85


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