About Wellmade Scaffold – China Best Manufacturer

Wellmade Scaffold, As an OEM Scaffolding Manufacturer, has its strong design department, molds department and engineering department to support customized scaffolding and formwork products.

Main Products of Wellmade Scaffold, Include but not limited:

➤ Scaffolding Pipe and Tubes: Conform to BS1139 EN39 BS1387 En10219 ASTM and JIS, KS Standard
▪ Black Scaffold Tube
▪ Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Pipes
▪ Painted Scaffold Tube
▪ Pre-galvanized(GI) Scaffolding Pipes

➤ Scaffolding Couplers and Clamps:
▪ Drop ForgedDouble Coupler(90 Degree), Swivel Coupler, Girder Coupler,Beam Clamp, Sleeve Coupler, Putlog Single Coupler, Board Retaining Coupler(BRC), Ladder Clamp
▪ Pressed SteelDouble Coupler Swivel Coupler British Standard
▪ JIS and Korean Standard Fixed and Swiel Clamp OD42.7mm,OD48.6mm,OD60mm
▪ Cast Iron Couplers Painted

➤ Ringlock Scaffolding System: OD48.3mm Normal Ringlock and OD60mm Shore System Ringlock Scaffolding. Include:
▪ USA Pin Lock Scaffold
▪ Layher Allround Ringlock
▪ Asia Type Ringlock
▪ New Zealand Type Ringlock
▪ South American Type Ringlock

➤ Cuplock Scaffolding System: OD48.3×3.2mm En12810 Standard and OD48.3×4.0mm AS1576 Standard . Cuplock Scaffolding Include:
▪ Painted Cuplock System to Gulf and Africa Countries
▪ Cuplock Formwork System
▪ Hot Dip Galvanized Cuplock System to Europe and USA Countries. With Drop Forged Top Cup and Bottom Cup

➤ Kwikstage Scaffolding System: OD48.3×3.2mm and OD48.3×4.0mm. Include:
▪ UK&Ireland Type of Kwikstage Scaffolding Painted and Hot Dip Galvanized
▪ Australian Kwikstage Scaffolding Painted and Hot Dip Galvanized AS/NZS 1576 and AS/NZS 1577 Standard Certificated
▪ South Africa Kwik Stage Scaffolding System
▪ Indonesia PCH Formwork Scaffold System

➤ Quick Lock Scaffolding System

➤ Scaffolding Frames South East Asia Type:Painted, Pre-galvanized or Hot dip galvanized 

➤ Scaffolding Frames USA&Canada Type:
▪ Snap on Frame for Stucco and Plaster
▪ Walk Through Scaffolding Frame for Sidewalk and Building Construction
▪ Mason Frame Scaffolding

➤ Scaffolding Frames South American &Europe Type
▪ Traditional Ladder Frame Scaffold
▪ Euro Frame Scaffold System
▪ Layher Frame Scaffold
▪ Plattac Frame Scaffold

➤ Scaffolding Shoring Frames WACO&Peri Type
➤ Tube Lock Scaffolding (Twist Lock) 
➤ Scaffolding Metal Deck without Hooks En12811,EN1004,AS1577 Standard
➤ Scaffolding Hook on Planks  EN12811 Standard 
➤ Timber Scaffold Bards BS2482,AS1576, OSHA 
➤ Adjustable Scaffolding Formwork Props
➤ Scaffolding Adjustable Leveling Jack Base
➤ Scaffolding U Jack and Fork Head Jacks

➤ Scaffolding Caster Wheels:
▪ Rubber Castors
▪ PU Castors
▪ Cast Steel Iron Castors
▪ Castor Wheel in Size 5 Inch to 12 Inch with or Without Brakes

➤ Fomrowk Accessories
▪ Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Tie Rod, Dywidag Tie Bars
▪ Water Stopper Barriers
▪ Anchor Flange Nut
▪ Wing Nut with Base Plate
▪ Dome Combi Nut
▪ Wedge Clamp
▪ Formwork Clamps
▪ Formwork Clips
▪ Formwork Key
▪ Hex Nut

➤ Formwork System:
▪ Steel Formwork Panel System
▪ Euro Formwork System
▪ Soldier Formwork System
▪ Aluma System

➤ Scaffold Ladder Beams
➤ Scaffold Unit Beams
➤ Aluminum Ladders
➤ Scaffold Stairs 

➤ Scaffold Alloy I Beam

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