19"x7' Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Plank

  • Width: 19” and 19.25”
  • Height: 3″(78mm), 3.5”(90mm), 3.74″(95mm) and 4.25”(108mm)
  • Length:7’
  • Safety Work Load Capacity: Middle (50 LBS/SQ.FT) & Heavy Duty (75 LBS/SQ.FT)
  • Safety Factor: 1:4
  • Material: Aluminum 6061 T6
  • Usage Country: USA & Canada
  • For Scaffold: Frame System Scaffold
  • Type: With & Without End Cap
  • Sticker: Warning Sticker+Product Sticker+Load Stickers
  • Plywood Deck Replaceable
  • Hook Replaceable
  • Cost Efficient
  • With Lock Mechanism


7‘ Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Plank  Specifications
Code No.DescriptionHWLWeight
CountrySafety Load
Factor: 1:4 
WPL 19078919″x7′ Alu Ply Plank3.07″19″7′28.27Canada50 LBS/SQ.FTCSA
WPL 19079019″x7′ Alu Ply Plank3.43″19″7′31.53USA50 LBS/SQ.FTOSHA
WPL 19079119″x7′ Alu Ply Plank3.75″19″7′33.28Canada75 LBS/SQ.FTCSA
WPL 19079219″x7′ Alu Ply Plank4.25″19″7′36.38Canada75 LBS/SQ.FTCSA
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