6m Scaffold Ladder Beam

The 6m ladder beam is the most popular size of scaffold ladder beam. It is a composite of two 6m scaffold tubes as horizontal elements and 19 pcs of vertical rungs. The distance between the 2 vertical rungs is 305mm.

The 6m ladder beam width is 305mm as well. In construction, it allows the longest 5.8m span between two standards.

A 6m ladder beam tube diameter is 48.3mm. 48.3mm is the standard size for all scaffolding fittings and couplers. Thus ladder beams are easy to be fixed by scaffolding couplers to any scaffold system:ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock, and tube clamp scaffolding.

As 6m ladder beams are heavy-duty horizontal mentions of the scaffold. It forms access for scaffolding and material handling during construction.

For anti-corrosion purposes, the 6m ladder beams are able to be finished in galvanized, painting, and powder coat. Send us your requirement to immediate price now.

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  • Trade Term: FOB, CIF, EXW
  • Port: Xingang Port, China
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6m Scaffold Ladder Beams

How to Fix 6m Scaffold Ladder Beams

6m scaffold ladder beams are fixed by scaffold couplers to scaffold main frames in construction.  According to the construction scaffolding design, you can use right-angle couplers to fix the ladder beam with scaffolds at 90 degrees.

You can also use swivel couplers to fix the scaffold ladder with scaffolding at any angle.

If you want to connect the 6m scaffold ladder with each other, sleeve couplers can join two scaffold ladder beams together and extend the scaffold ladder beams.

Ladder Beam In Scaffolding Construction Fixed By Scaffolding Couplers
Ladder Beam Scaffold Construction

What is the Load Capacity of 6m Scaffold Ladder Beams?

Light weight and heavy-weight ladder beams are made of 3.2mm scaffold tubes and 4.0mm scaffold tubes. The heavyweight 6m scaffold ladder beams can bear more weight in scaffolding construction.

6m Scaffold Ladder Beam Center Point Load Capacity Test Result
No.ItemsUltimate Load At Center Points
13.2mm Ladder Beams 6m34.75 KN
24.0m Ladder Beam 6m43.07 KN

6m Scaffold Ladder Beam Specifications

6m Scaffold Ladder Beam
Code No.ItemsWeight (KG)GalvanizedPaintedPowder Coated
WMLB06-36m ladder Beam 3.2mm63.80
WMLB06-46m ladder Beam 4.0mm78.32

Why Buy Ladder Beams from Wellmade?

  • Wellmade is an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer
  • Our ladder beams are exported European standard high quality
  • The scaffold ladder beam welding is super and has past EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE Certification
  • The raw material of the scaffold ladder beams are tested and qualified according to BS1139 standards before using in mass production
  • One Year product warranty is offered
  • CE Mark is able to put on your scaffold ladder beam products
  • Your company name and marks can be engraved on your ladder beam products
  • Customize your sizes and specifications with free

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