• scaffold plank 63mm Steel Type
  • scaffold plank 63mm Steel Type
  • scaffold plank 63mm Steel Type
  • scaffold plank 63mm Steel Type
  • scaffold plank 63mm Steel Type

63mm Scaffold Boards

Wellmade 63mm scaffold boards include timber scaffolding boards and steel scaffold boards.

The 63mm thick scaffold boards are used in cuplock Scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, and tube clamp scaffold.

The width of the 63mm scaffold board includes 225mm and 230mm. Lengths are customized including 4 ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft, etc.

You can find BS2482 standard, OSHA, and AS1577 standard timber scaffolding planks. Steel scaffold boards are certified according to AS1577 and En 12810 standards.

Tell us your 63mm scaffold boards requirement to get a competitive price now.

63mm Scaffold Boards Size and Weight

      Wood Scaffold Board Size & Weight

W236304WB230x63mm x 4 FT1.22m10.60 KG
W236305WB230x63mm x 5 FT1.52m13.25 KG
W236306WB230x63mm x 6 FT1.83m15.90 KG
W236307WB230x63mm x 7 FT2.13m18.55 KG
W236308WB230x63mm x 8 FT2.44m21.19 KG
W236309WB230x63mm x 9 FT2.74m23.85 KG
W236310WB230x63mm x 10 FT3.05m26.50 KG
W236311WB230x63mm x 11 FT3.35m29.15 KG
W236312WB230x63mm x 12 FT3.66m31.80 KG
W236313WB230x63mm x 13 FT3.96m34.50 KG

Steel Scaffold Size and Weight

CodeSizeLength x Wall ThickWeight
W2363074SB230x63mm740mm x2.0mm5.49 KG
W2363120SB230x63mm1250mm x2.0mm9.01 KG
W2363180SB230x63mm1810mm x2.0mm12.56 KG
W2363200SB230x63mm2000mm x2.0mm14.05 KG
W2363240SB230x63mm2420mm x2.0mm16.72 KG
W2363250SB230x63mm2500mm x2.0mm17.50 KG
W2363300SB230x63mm3000mm  x2.0mm20.67 KG
W2363400SB230x63mm4000mm x2.0mm27.30 KG

63mm Thick Scaffold Boards

Wood Type Scaffold Boards In 63mm Thickness

Wellmade  63mm wood scaffold boards include BS2482 standard, OSHA standards.  BS2482 standard wood scaffold boards are with scaffold bands at both ends. It is aimed to protect the 63mm scaffold board from splitting, shrinking, etc.

Compare to 38mm timber scaffolding planks, the 63mm thickness scaffold boards are components of the heavy-duty scaffold. Because it is able to bear more weight.

BS2482 standard wood scaffold boards are made of European yellow pines. The pine lumber is strong and durable. It ensures the scaffolding plank safety in scaffold decking and flooring construction.

You can find all customized lengths for the BS2482 standard hardwood scaffold boards in 63mm.

OSHA standard scaffold boards include lumber veneer laminated planks(LVL) and solid scaffold boards. Painted is required for protection purposes too.

Steel Scaffold Boards in 63mm Thick

Steel scaffold boards 63mm thick are normally used as scaffold battens for cuplock scaffolding as well as kwikstage scaffold systemsSteel scaffold boards are always galvanized finishing. While some hooks on steel scaffold boards are painted too.

In scaffold installation, the steel scaffold boards seat on the kwikstage transoms and hop up brackets or cuplock omega transoms and brackets. There are heavy-duty and light-duty steel scaffolding planks 63mm thick.

Heavy duty 63mm scaffold boards are made of 2.0-2.5mm steel structures. While light-duty steel scaffold boards are made of 1.5-1.6mm thickness steel.

Hook on steel scaffold boards is a component of South Africa’s quick stage scaffold. The hooks join with kwikstage ledgers in scaffold erection.

Wellmade 63mm scaffold boards are all certified according to the scaffold standards. We offer competitive prices too. Ask good price now.

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