5′ Mason Scaffolding Frames 3 Ties Load Test

5‘ mason frame scaffolding is also called ladder frame or H frame scaffold etc. It is used a lot in USA and Canada. The mason frame standard size is 5′(W) x 5′(H). Distance between two mason frames is connected by cross braces(X brace) and protected by guard rails at the top.
5′ mason frame scaffolding is manufactured according to ANSI American Scaffolding Standard and CSA Canada Scaffolding Standard.  Following you can find the test result for the 5′ mason frame 3 ties scaffolding tower. You will find

5′ Mason Frame Scaffolding SGS Test Result

  1. Total Ultimate Load Test 47550 LBS (Average of 3 Frame Sets)
  2. Leg Load Test: 12226 LBS
  3. The Factor of Safety: 4 (ANIS and CSA Standard)
  4. Allowable Leg Load: 2972 LBS (Average Per Factor Safety)
ItemsTotal Ultimate LoadLeg LoadFactor of Safety
Allowable Leg Load
148906 LBS12226 LBS42972 LBS
244508 LBS11127 LBS4
349236 LBS12309 LBS4
Utimate Load
47550 LBS11887 LBS4
mason frame scaffold load test result - bearing load
SGS Test Result for 5 Foot Mason Frame Load Bearing

Wellmade’s Frame Daily Bearing Test During Manufacturing

SizeUltimate Bearing
Ultimate Load
Ultimate Load
Per Leg
Safety of FactorAllowable Load
LBS/Factor of Safety
5’x5′ x 7′
Mason Frame
ladder frame scaffold load capacity test - mason scaffold frame bearing - Wellmade China
Mason Frame Scaffold Load Capacity Test – Weight Bearing
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