• 5'x5' Ladder Frame Scaffold Mason Scaffold
  • 5'x5' Ladder Frame Scaffold Mason Scaffold
  • 5'x5' Ladder Frame Scaffold Mason Scaffold
  • 5'x5' Ladder Frame Scaffold Mason Scaffold
  • 5'x5' Ladder Frame Scaffold Mason Scaffold

5'(W) x 5' (H) Ladder Frame Scaffold

A 5’(W) x 5’(H) ladder frame scaffold is a type of frame scaffold with two-step ladder rungs. Using the 5’x5’ ladder frame, you can form a 5’x5’x7’ size frame set by using a 7’ cross brace, and form a 5’x5’x10’ size frame set by using 10’ cross braces.

The 5’x5’ ladder frame scaffold is manufactured and exported to the USA and Canada with powder-coated or galvanizing finishing. Powder coat color is customized, like blue, red, white, yellow, purple, etc.


5’x5′ Ladder Frame Scaffold Details

The 5’x5’ ladder frames are made of 1.625” scaffold tubes as frame vertical and horizontal elements. There are stackable by using coupling pin connectors. The coupling pins are fixed with the ladder frame by spring pins, and gravity pins in assembly.

Lock pins (studs) space of the 5’x5’ ladder frame scaffolding is 4’ (48”). That is why standard cross brace sizes of the ladder frame are 4’x7’ or 4’x10’.

In the USA, the 5’ ladder frame lock pin types include flip lock, drop lock, fast lock, V lock, C lock, snap-on lock, etc.  In Canada, the ladder frame scaffold lock pin is a Canada lock. All types of lock pins are used to lock cross braces on the ladder frames and lock them safely.

5’x5’ ladder frames are used for masons, painters, and builders. It has other names of mason frame or box frame, H frame, etc.

5’x5′ Ladder Frame Set Parts Specifications

15’x5′ Ladder Frame1.625″x 0.095″S35542.31 LBS
15’x5′ Ladder Frame1.68″ x 0.095″S35542.31 LBS
27′ Cross Brace1″ x 0.079″S23512.57 LBS
310′ Cross Brace1″ x 0.079″S23516.73 LBS
4Coupling Pin(Stack Pin)1.38″x0.079″S2351.81 LBS
5Spring PinS2350.22 LBS
6Gravity PinS2350.22 LBS
77′ Aluminum Ply Platform19″x7′6061 T633.07  LBS
810′ Aluminum Ply Platform19″x10′6061 T645.63 LBS
97′ Full Aluminum Plank19″x7′6061 T633.07  LBS
1010′ AFull Aluminum Plank19″x10′6061 T645.63 LBS

5′ x 5′ Ladder Frame Load Capacity (Bearing Weight)

You can check detailed test results on our website about the 5′ ladder frame test result according to CSA and ANIS standard.

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