450 Alloy Beams For Scaffold

Wellmade 450 alloy beam is a type of scaffold aluminum beam. It is used for scaffolding bridging, strengthening, construction temporary roofing, cantilever working platform, etc.

The 450 alloy beam is made of 6082 T6 aluminum extruded structures in O.D 48.3mm. O.D 48.3mm is convenient to be connected by all standard scaffolding couplers.

As an ISO 9001and CE certified alloy beam manufacturer in China. We produce top-quality alloy beams with high UDL. In addition, Wellmade customs your alloy beams in lengths from 2m to 6m & 8m. Your custom logo&marks are able to emboss on the alloy beams.

More than 450 alloy beams, you can find 750 aluminum beams here too. Send us your 450 alloy beam requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade 450 Alloy Beams

Wellmade is 450mm alloy beam manufacturer in China. The 450 alloy beams is made from O.D 48.3mm aluminum scaffold tubes in alloy grade 6082 T6.

Wellmade 450 alloy beams are able to work with all scaffold systems include ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, and tube and clamp system scaffold.   In addition, it is easy to erection and joint with the scaffold system simply by scaffold clamps and fittings. In addition, the alloy beams are able to compatible with all standard scaffolding couplers in O.D 48.3mm.

450mm Steel and Alloy Scaffold Beams

More than 450 alloy beams, there are also steel scaffold beams. Both of them are able to use in scaffold bridging, strengthening, roofing.

Compare to steel scaffold beams, the aluminum beams are lighter weight, while the 6082 T6 alloy grade ensures your 450 alloy beams in a high load capacity in construction.

As a CE-certified scaffold beam manufacturer, you can find a great welding quality for both steel and alloy 450mm beams.  More than that, we control the 450 alloy beam manufacturing according to ISO 9001 management system in raw material, fabrication, testing, etc.

450 Alloy Beam System Components & Parts

Wellmade 450 alloy beam lengths are customized to match your construction scaffolding requirement. And you can find 2m-8m standard lengths. While 6m aluminum beam is one of the most common sizes in scaffold construction and building.

If you want longer span construction than single alloy beam lengths, you can extend the alloy beams by alloy beam system components of the spigot, bolts, and hinged pins.

Alloy beam spigot coupling is able to be fabricated in aluminum or steel. Steel alloy beam spigot would be hot dip galvanized. While alloy beam bolt and hinged pins are able to fix the spigot into the alloy beam to extend the aluminum beam to your required span.

750mm and 450mm Scaffold Alloy Beams

In construction bridging, strength, and roofing, 750mm is another depth of aluminum beams. It can take more bearing capacity in construction.

The 750 alloy beam lengths are able to be in 2.25m to 7.25m. While Wellmade is able to design the 750 alloy beam according to your construction scaffold design too.

450 Alloy Beam FAQ

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