42" Guard Rail Post with 18" Ladder

42” Guard Rail Post with 18” Ladder is one component of the snap-on scaffold guard rail system. It is made of 1.625” scaffold tubes with 2 sets (4 pcs) of snap-on lock welded on.
The total height of the guard rail post with ladder is 42”, while the width is 18”. The size is compatible with the access ladders of the snap-on scaffold system.
Snap-on lock pins of the guard rail post offer a connection rivet for snap-on guard rails and cross braces.
42” guard rail posts with 18” ladders are convenient for erection with modular sizes. They will be finished in powder-coated or galvanized during manufacturing. Send us a request to get a price now.

Snap-on Guard Rail Post with 18″ Ladder

Wellmade manufactures the 42″ snap-on guard rail post with ladder for USA plaster and stucco contractors. It is produced according to OSHA standards.
The snap-on guard rail post is compatible with all snap-on scaffold frame systems. And can be finished in different colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Purple, etc.  While the galvanizing is available too.

More than the 42″ snap-on guard rail post with ladder, you can also find single guard rails with tails, cross braces, guard rails, extension base plates, scaffold aluminum and steel planks, side brackets, adjustable base jacks, stairs in Wellmade. Send us a mail to get an immediate price now.

42″ Guard Rail Post with 18″ Ladder Specifications

CodeItemsHeightWidthTube SpecWeight
WL42S42″ Guard Rail Post with Ladder42″18″1.625″6.85 KG


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