Ladder Frame Scaffolding with Snap On Lock

Wellmade is Ladder Frame Scaffolding Manufacturer In China.  You Can Find All Sizes & Specifications of Ladder Frame Scaffolding Here.

This 42″ Ladder Frame Scaffolding is Snap-On Scaffolding Type. It is Produced to USA Stucco and Plastering Scaffolding.

Wellmade’s Ladder Frame Scaffolding is Conform to OSHA & ANSI Regulations. We offer One Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defect.

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Wellmade’s snap-on scaffolding ladder frames

Wellmade’s Ladder Frame Scaffolding is manufactured to the USA construction and scaffolding. It is used for Plaster and Stucco Scaffolding too.
The snap-on ladder frame scaffolding is always finished in colour coated. You can find customized colours for your ladder frame scaffolding system: Red Scaffolding Frames, Blue Scaffold, Yellow  Scaffolding and White Scaffold Frame etc.  While the Galvanized Snap On Ladder Frame scaffolding is Available as your Request.

More than vertical ladder frames, the snap on type ladder frame scaffolding system includes following components and parts:

  • Cross Braces
  • Adjustable Jack Base
  • Inner Tube
  • Guard Rails
  • Guard Rail Post
  • Steel and Aluminium Work Platform
  • Side Bracket
  • Stairs
Wellmade’s 42″ Ladder Frame Scaffolding is Self Climbing Scaffold Fames type. It makes the construction scaffolding access much easier that no need extra attached scaffolding ladders.  For Construction Safety Protection, the ladder frame scaffolding is working with the scaffolding guard rail system at the platform and top. The guard rail system includes guard rail post and scaffold guard rails.
In fabrication, Wellmade’s Ladder Frame Scaffolding is Made in 1.69″ O.D Scaffold Tube with 0.095″ Wall Thickness According to OSHA & ANSI Standard Requirement.

42 Inch Ladder Snap-On Lock Double Guard Rail Access

WL42SSnap On Lock Ladder 42 Inch42″ x 18″OD42.7mm


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