300mm Scaffold Board

Wellmade is 300mm Scaffold Boards Manufacturer & Supplier In China.  The 300mm Scaffold Board is Steel Type Scaffolding Planks.  Timber Scaffold Boards 300mm Is Available Too.
You can Customize Your 300mm Scaffold Boards In Size&Dimension.
Anti Slip Surface of The 300mm Scaffold Boards Makes Safe Walk Boards In Your Construction.
Our Pre-galvanized 300mm Scaffold Boards Bring You Long Term Reclaiming but Saving Scaffolding Solution.
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Wellmade’s Steel 300mm Scaffold Boards are Reclaiming and Reusing In Construction.  It Brings Your Long Term Value in Construction.
You Can Find from Us Grating Type 300mm Scaffold Boards for Shipbuilding and Normal Hole Surace Galvanized Scaffold Boards.
300mm Scaffold Boards can be in Plain Ends without Hooks Connected By Board Retaining Clamps (BRC) and  Limpet Clamps.
When the 300mm Scaffold Boards Used in System Scaffold. Scaffolding Boards Hooks are Need to Connected with Scaffolding Ledgers.  Wellmade Designs the 300mm Scaffold Boards According to your System Scaffold Horizontal Parts and Components to Ensure Compatible During Your Construction.
300mm Scaffold Boards is available in Lightweight of 1.0-1.2mm Steel Wall Thickness. Heavy Duty Scaffold Boards 300mm is  In 1.5-2.5mm.
Length of the 300mm Scaffold Boards are 0.5m to 4m. Always Follow Your Construction Scaffolding Guide.
As CE Certified Scaffold Boards and Plank Manufacturer, You Will Find Top Quality 300mm Scaffold Boards in Welding, Surface and Steel Grade.   These the Import Factors for Your Construction Scaffolding Safety.

Walk Perforated 300mm Steel Scaffold Boards

CodeItemsSize&SpecSteel Plate ThicknessWeight
WB3050.5m Walk Perforated Board300*500mm1.2-2.0mm3.47KG
WB3101.0m Walk Perforated Board300*1000mm1.2-2.0mm6.99KG
WB3151.5m Walk Perforated Board300*1500mm1.2-2.0mm10.52KG
WB3202.0m Walk Perforated Board300*2000mm1.2-2.0mm14.05KG
WB3252.5m Walk Perforated Board3002500mm1.2-2.0mm17.57KG
WB3303.0m Walk Perforated Board300*3000mm1.2-2.0mm21.10KG
WB3353.5m Walk Perforated Board300*3500mm1.2-2.0mm24.62KG
WB3404.0m Walk Perforated Board300*4000mm1.2-2.0mm28.15KG
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