300mm Scaffold Board

Wellmade is a 300mm scaffold board manufacturer in China.  We supplier all thicknesses 300mm scaffold boards include 63mm, 60mm, 50mm, 38mm, etc.    You can find both steel scaffolding planks and timber scaffold boards in 300m width.  More than standard thickness for the 300mm scaffold boards, Wellmade customize both scaffolding metal planks and scaffold boards according to your size dimension too.
Steel-type scaffolding planks include 2 types: plain ends and hook-on planks. While 300mm timber scaffold board’s end plates are available for wood protection.
Wellmade’s 300mm metal planks are tested according to EN12810 standard. While the timber scaffold boards are tested according to OSHA, ANSI, and BS2482 standards.
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Wellmade’s Scaffold Boards in 300mm Width

300mm scaffold boards include steel scaffolding planks and timber scaffold boards.

– 300mm Steel Scaffold Boards

Wellmade’s steel scaffold boards are also called scaffolding metal planks or metal decks.  It is a type of plank with anti-slip surface treatment. Compare to the timber scaffold boards, anti-slip treated 300mm steel scaffold boards make your construction with a safe walk platform in anti-slip surface design.
For durable purposes, the steel scaffold boards could be in pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or painted finish.  Thus, 300mm steel scaffolding planks and boards bring you long-term reclaiming in construction. Among the above 3 different scaffold board surfaces, pre-galvanized scaffolding metal planks are able to save more in your scaffolding solutions.
It is reclaimed. You are able to reuse the 300mm width steel scaffold boards in long term. Thus it brings you values to your construction scaffolding in long term.

Grating Scaffold Boards VS Punch Hole Steel Scaffold Boards

In fabrication, there are grating-type steel scaffold boards and normal hole surface scaffolding planks. Grating steel scaffold boards are used popularly for the shipbuilding industry. While the normal punching hole surface galvanized scaffold boards are able to use in all types of construction scaffolding accessing.

Plain End Scaffold Boards VS Scaffolding Planks with Hooks

According to the scaffolding erection design, you can find scaffold boards with plain ends. While there are also scaffolding steel planks with hooks.

300mm scaffold boards in plain ends are designed without plank hooks. It is connected by the scaffold board retaining clamps (BRC) and limpet clamps in construction.

Scaffolding metal planks with hooks are most used in system scaffolding. Engineering, the hook-on scaffold board sits on the scaffolding horizontal ledgers. In another word, the plank hooks, instead of the scaffold board clamps, connect with the scaffold frames and towers.
The 300mm scaffold board hooks sizes are customized according to your scaffolding system ledger components specifications. The custom design is able to ensure the 300mm width scaffold boards hooks compatible with your system scaffolding horizontal parts during construction.
For instance, there are O-type scaffolding ledgers in OD 48.3mm or OD 42mm. While there are also U-type scaffolding horizontal components made from the steel U profile.

Lightweight and Heavy Duty Scaffold Boards in 300mm

According to the scaffold boards’ load capacity and weight-bearing. There are lightweight and heavy-duty scaffold boards for your choice.
300mm lightweight scaffold boards are made of 1.0-1.2mm steel wall thickness. While heavy-duty scaffold boards in 300mm width are made by 1.5-2.5mm steel plates.

Short Scaffold Boards VS Long Scaffold Boards

The length of the 300mm scaffold boards is customized. According to the scaffolding steel plank lengths, there are long scaffold boards and short scaffold boards.
Short scaffold boards are in length 0.5m to 1.5m. While the long scaffold boards are up to 4.0m.
Hook on scaffold board lengths is complaint with the scaffolding ledger center to center sizes, which are versatile in 0.5m to 4m normally. All scaffold boards are customized follow the construction scaffolding guide for safety.
Wellmade is a CE certified steel scaffold boards and scaffolding plank manufacturer, you will find the top quality 300mm scaffold boards here. The quality is good not only in welding but also in steel grade and surface durability. All of the tests and test reports showing important quality factors for your scaffold boards. We keep ensuring your construction scaffolding safety for your scaffold board import and purchase.

Walk Perforated 300mm Steel Scaffold Boards Sizes

CodeItemsSize&SpecSteel Plate ThicknessWeight
WB3050.5m Walk Perforated Board300*500mm1.2-2.0mm3.47KG
WB3101.0m Walk Perforated Board300*1000mm1.2-2.0mm6.99KG
WB3151.5m Walk Perforated Board300*1500mm1.2-2.0mm10.52KG
WB3202.0m Walk Perforated Board300*2000mm1.2-2.0mm14.05KG
WB3252.5m Walk Perforated Board3002500mm1.2-2.0mm17.57KG
WB3303.0m Walk Perforated Board300*3000mm1.2-2.0mm21.10KG
WB3353.5m Walk Perforated Board300*3500mm1.2-2.0mm24.62KG
WB3404.0m Walk Perforated Board300*4000mm1.2-2.0mm28.15KG

Timber Scaffold Boards in 300mm

Welmade’s timer scaffold boards include ANSI, OSHA standard, and BS2482 standard.  There are 2 types of timber scaffold boards in 300mm width.  One is the laminated timber boards, another one is a wood board made from solid lumber cut.

For BS 2482 standard timber scaffold boards, steel or aluminium end plates are required to protect the wood boards.

Aluminum Scaffolding Planks

More than steel and timber scaffold boards, you can find aluminum scaffolding planks in Wellmade. According to the platform decks, there are 3 types of aluminum scaffolding planks.

  • Aluminium Plank Frame + Aluminum Deck (Full Aluminum planks)
  • Aluminium Plank Frame + Plywood Platform Decks
  • Aluminum Plank with Access Aluminum Ladders
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