Scaffold Board 225x38mm

Wellmade is Scaffold Boards Manufacturer& Supplier In China. We Produce All Size of Aluminium Planks, Steel Boards and Wood Scaffolding Boards.

As CE Certified Scaffold Boards Factory, You can Find Plump&Strong Welding  for Steel Scaffold Boards. For Wood Scaffold Boards, We use Imported European Yellow Pines.

Wellmade’s Steel and Wood Scaffold Boards are Tested According to OSHA, BS1139 and EN12811 Standard.

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Wellmade’s Scaffold Boards

Steel Scaffold Boards Manufacturing

225 x 38mm Scaffold Boards is One of the Most Popular Size for Scaffolding Walk Planks.
You can find Metal Scaffold Boards in 225 x 38mm and Timber 225mm Scaffold Boards. 
Metal Scaffold Boards Finish Would be in Pre-Galvanized, Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) Finishing. 
Hot-dip galvanized is the most Durable Scaffold Boards using for Long Life Reclaim Work for Onshore and Offshore Scaffolding Projects. HDG Zinc Thickness of The Scaffold Boards is more than 40 Micro According to ISO 1461 Standard. It is Versatatitiy in all Weather Conditions Include Wet, Salty and Hot Heat Environment. 
According to Your Construction Scaffolding Load Capacity Design, You can find from Wellmade Lightweight and Heavy Duty  Scaffold Boards from Wellmade.
Wellmade’s Scaffold Boards are designed in Anti Slip, Give Another Security for Your Worker Safety.
225 x 38mm Scaffold Boards are Used Popular In Tube Clamp System Scaffolding. It is Joint with Scaffold Tubes By  Board Retaining Coupler (BRC Clamp) or Limpet Clamps.
The length of the 225x38mm Scaffold Boards is Customized from 0.5m to 4m.  

225 x 38mm Galvanized Steel Scaffold Boards

WMB22050.5m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 500GI & HDG
WMB22101.0m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 1000GI & HDG
WMB22151.5m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 1500GI & HDG
WMB220202.0m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 2000GI & HDG
WMB22252.5m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 2500GI & HDG
WMB22303.0m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 3000GI & HDG
WMB22353.5m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 3500GI & HDG
WMB22404.0m Galvanized Scaffold Boards225 x 38 x 4000GI & HDG

Why Wellmade Scaffold?

l Independent Test 24 Hours On:
1. –Raw Material Chemical & Physicals Test, Ensuring Qualified Grade Steel;
2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
l ISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
ISO9001 Management System
Win-Win Business Philosophies, Bring Benefits to Clients By Product Value
l Pursue Long Term Partnership By Quality & Service
l Expert in Layher and Peri Scaffolding System & Components 
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