225 x 38mm Scaffold Boards

Wellmade’s 225 x 38mm scaffold boards are tested according to EN 12810 and BS 2482 standard. We produce both steel scaffold boards and wood scaffold boards in 225 x 38mm.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffold boards manufacturer, we secure your scaffold boards products high quality from start raw material to load capacity safety test.  You can get the scaffold boards warranty from us.

In the past 20 years manufacturing and exporting experiences, we have been the scaffolding boards supplier for many famous oil and gas companies and Germany formwork companies. Our clients include  Shell, KNPC, KOC, Sinopec, Peri etc.

Wellmade customizes your scaffold boards specifications.  Send us your scaffold boards requirement to get an immediate good price now.

Wellmade Scaffold Boards 225 x 38mm

Wellmade is a professional scaffold boards manufacturer in China. Our 225 x 38mm Scaffold boards are popular required in many countries. This size of scaffold boards is widely used in industrial construction, commercial construction, civil and building construction, infrastructure etc.

You can find from all types of scaffold boards in 225 x 38mm. Include

  • Steel scaffold boards with plain ends(no hooks)
  • Scaffold Boards with hooks
  • Laminated scaffold boards 225 x 38mm  (LVL)
  • Timber Boards with Endplate (BS 2482)
  • Fire-resistant scaffold boards

Wellmade steel scaffold boards without Hooks

You can find steel scaffold boards without hooks in 225 x 38mm in galvanized and painting finishing. The plain end steel scaffold boards are used mainly in the tube and clamp scaffolding(tubular scaffolding). It is fixed by scaffold board retaining coupler in the tube scaffold system. According to the steel profile wall thickness, you can find lightweight, medium duty and heavy duty scaffold boards in 225 x 38mm.

For galvanized scaffold boards, you can find from us hot dip galvanized scaffold boards and pre-galvanized boards.  Hot dip galvanized scaffold boards is used more in the offshore scaffolding projects. Because hot dip galvanizing is better in corrosion-resistant.

225 x 38mm scaffold boards without hooks in galvanizing finishing
225 x 38mm scaffold boards without hooks in galvanizing finishing

Wellmade Laminated Scaffold Planks 225 x 38mm

Laminated scaffold planks are one type of wood scaffold boards. In simply it is called LVL plank. 225 x 38mm LVL board is one of the most popular sizes used in all scaffolding industries, especial in oil gas scaffolding. Similar with steel scaffold boards, wood scaffold boards are also fixed by board clamp to scaffold tubes O.D 48.3mm. LVL Boards are always made from New Zealand Pine Log.

Wellmade’s laminated planks are OSHA and AS 1577 standard tested. it is fabricated by WPB glue. Thus the wood planks are durable under harsh environment.

Wellmade wood planks laminated boards lvl
Wellmade wood planks laminated boards lvl

Wellmade’s BS 2482 standard Timber Boards

BS 2482 standard timber boards is another type of wood planks. It is different from laminated veneer boards(LVL). Normally come from solid wood machinery cutting. There are always metal plates end protection at both ends of the timber boards. Wellmade’s BS 2482 wood boards are tested.  We made the BS 2482 standard timber planks by Canada pines to ensure the wood planks high load and safety in construction.

bs 2482 standard wood boards timber scaffold planks
bs 2482 standard wood boards

Wellmade’s Fire Resistant Wood Boards

Both Laminated scaffold planks and BS 2482 scaffold boards are able to do a fire-resistant surface treatment. Wellmade is professional in the manufacturing to meet up your construction safety requirement.

For above all types of scaffold boards, you can find your special lengths. Wellmade tailer your lengths and specifications according to your construction requirement.

Send us your idea about the 225 x 38mm scaffold boards to get an immediately official quotation.

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