200 x 50mm Scaffold Metal Boards

200×50 scaffold metal boards are in sizes of 200mm width and 50mm thickness(height). It is a type of scaffold board without planks hooks.

The 200x50mm scaffold metal planks have other names: metal decks, metal planks, steel planks, steel boards, etc. It is used mostly for tube and clamp systems. In construction, the metal scaffold boards are fixed by board clamps of the board retaining couplers(BRC) and limpet clamps, etc.

You can find different lengths of the 200mm planks from 0.5m to 4.0m. Wellmade manufactures scaffold metal boards according to EN 12811 and En 1004 standards. It is also certified by CIDB and past MS 1462 standards.

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  • Package: 53 pcs/pallets
  • Shipping: By Containers
  • Delivery: 15-35 Days
  • Payment: T/T & LC
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China

200x50mm Metal Scaffold Boards

200x50mm scaffold metal decks include 3 different types according to the safe load capacity: lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-duty metal decks.

  • Lightweight scaffold metal boards are manufactured from 1.0-1.2mm steel plates
  • Medium-duty scaffold metal boards are manufactured with 1.3-1.5mm steel plates
  • Heavy-duty scaffold metal decks are made of 1.6-2.0mm steel plates.

For anti-corrosion purposes, the metal decks are finished in painting or galvanizing. Galvanized scaffold steel boards include two types: premier galvanized or hot dip galvanized.

  • Premier galvanized is also called pre-galvanized or GI scaffold boards.
  • Hot dip galvanized scaffolding planks are the most durable type of steel planks. The cost is also more expensive than pre-galvanized or painted scaffold boards.

More than 200x50mm scaffold boards, Wellmade customizes scaffolding planks according to your construction request. There are other standard sizes of scaffold boards too:

200x50mm are plain ends without hooks. We can manufacture the plank hooks too if you want.  With the hooks, the scaffold planks are able to form scaffold decks for system scaffolding, like ringlock, cuplock, frame scaffolding, etc.
Wellmade is a CE-certificated scaffold board manufacturer.  Our scaffold boards are also past PC (production certificate) in many countries and authorized by Construction Bureau to use in high-construction projects.

200 mm Scaffold Board Size & Specifications

WB20050.5m Scaffold Boards200x50x500mm3.43 KG
WB20101.0m Scaffold Boards200x50x1000mm6.17 KG
WB20151.5m Scaffold Boards200x50x1500mm9.03 KG
WB200202.0m Scaffold Boards200x50x2000mm11.89 KG
WB20252.5m Scaffold Boards200x50x2500mm14.75 KG
WB20303.0m Scaffold Boards200x50x3000mm17.62 KG
WB20353.5m Scaffold Boards200x50x3500mm20.48 KG
WB20404.0m Scaffold Boards200x50x4000mm23.34 KG

200mm Metal Scaffold Boards Test Report

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