16mm Rebar for Concrete Formwork

Wellmade is the steel-reinforced bar manufacturer in China. We supply tested high-strength 16mm rebars.

Wellmade’s 16mm rebar includes hot rolled ribbed bars(HRB) and cold rolled threaded steel bars. HRB 16mm rebar is also called 15mm dywidag tie bars. It is in 190KN load capacity. While cold rolled 16mm rebars are with 140 KN or 185 KN load capacity. The load capacity of 16mm rebars is different because of the 16mm rebar grade and steel tensile strengths.

More than 16mm rebar, there are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm rebars. Rebar nuts and other formwork accessories like wing nuts, water stopper barriers, rapid clamps, formwork clamps are all available here.

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Wellmade 16mm Rebar

Wellmade 16mm rebar is also called H16 rebar.  It is a type of high-strength steel reinforcing bar used for concrete formwork and shuttering.
According to the steel grade and tensile strengths, you can find different types of 16mm rebar in Wellmade:
  • Prestressing Screwthreaded Bar 16mm(PSB Steel Tie Bars)
  • C45 Steel Cold Rolled 16mm Rebars
  • 42CrMo Cold Rolled 16mm Rebar
  • 235 Steel 16mm Rebars
Following is the load capacity, specifications, weight of different types of 16mm rebars. You can choose the right load capacity of 16mm rebars according to your concrete thickness and formwork concrete load design.

16mm Rebar Technical Details

Code No.ItemsLoad CapacitySteel GradeWeight /Meter
WHRB1619PSB Dywidag 15mm Tie Bars 190KN190 KNST 900/11001.44KG
WCRB161816mm ReBar Cold Rolled 185 KN188 KN42CrMo1.50KG
WCRB161416mm Rebar Cold Rolled 140 KN144 KNC45 Steel1.50KG
WCRB161216mm Rebar Cold Rolled 120 KN123 KNS235 Steel1.50KG

Prestressing Screwthreaded Rebar 16mm (PSB)

PSB rebar is a type of hot rolled ribbed bar, called HRB rebars. It is manufactured from steel billets. Wellmade manufactures all sizes and steel grades of PSB rebars. Include: HRB 400, HRB 500, PSB 830, PSB 930, PSB 1080 etc.

Among different steel grades of PSB, 15mm dywidag tie bars are the most popular hot-rolled ribbed 16mm rebars. It is made from a high-strength steel structure with 900/1100 tensile strength. with the high strength steel, the dywidag 15mm tie bar load capacity is more than 190KN.

Dywidag 15mm tie bars(PSB 930) are able to work out the rebar nuts, formwork accessories, water barriers in concrete construction.

White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars
White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars

42 CrMo Cold Rolled Rebar 16mm

42 CrMo is a special steel structure. It is used a lot in construction and industry machinery manufacturing. In order to reach the high load capacity, Wellmade use the 42 CoMo steel in the construction concrete reinforcing bar manufacturing. With high tensile strength. 42 CrMo rebar 16mm is able to reach 188KN load capacity. Engineeringly, the ultimate load is almost equal to Dywidag 15mm tie bar.  While the cost is much less than the dywidag tie bars.

42 CrMo Steel Grade  Mechanical Property
Tensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
≥1080 Mpa≥ 930 MPa≥ 12 %

C45 Steel Rebar 16mm

C45 steel rebar 16mm is another type of colled rolled reinforce steel bar. This is the most popular type of 16mm rebar. In concrete loading, the C45 steel rebar 16mm is able to reach 144-150KN.  This load capacity is met up with the load capacity requirement of most civil and commercial construction formwork. According to the ultimate load, the C45 steel rear 16mm is also called 150ksi all threaded bars. However, the cost is much less than the 42 CrMo and dywidag tie bars.

C45 Steel Grade  Mechanical Property

Tensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
≥600(Mpa)≥ 355(MPa)≥ 16%

S235 Steel Rebar 16mm

16mm steel rebar in S235 grade is a type of less load concrete tie bars. According to the test result, the load capacity is about 123-130KN. Which is much lower than dywidag bars, 42CrMo, and C45 steel rebars.

Cold Rolled Tie Rod
Cold Rolled Tie Rod

16mm Rebar Lengths

Wellmade custom your lengths of the 16mm rebars. We cut and bend the rebars according to your requirement. The longest rebar for the concrete formwork would be 40 ft(about 12m). While 6m is the most popular required length.

16mm Rebar Lengths

16mm rebar cut in custom lengths
16mm rebar cut in custom lengths

Galvanized & Self-finished Rebars 16mm

 Wellmade rebar is a type of all-threaded bar. You can find both self-finished (Black) tye 16mm rebars and galvanized rebars in 16mm. According to the galvanizing color, there are white galvanizing and golden(Yellow) galvanizing for your choosing.

16mm Rebar Usage in Construction

Wellmade rebar 16mm is used in all types of formwork construction systems. Include civil construction wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, industrial construction, and heavy-duty load required infrastructural construction formwork concrete, etc.

During the formwork construction, formwork accessories are used together with the 16mm rebars for different purposes. Include hex nut, wing nut, anchor nut, water stopper, wedge lock clamps, rapid clamps, etc.  The whole set of the 16mm rebar and formwork accessories forms a tie rod system for concrete and shuttering work.

16mm Rebar Prices

If you are seeking the 16mm rebar prices, you can share with us your steel grade or tensile strengths or load capacity requirement. That would help us to quote the right price for your 16mm rebars. Because the 16mm rebar prices are different according to the steel grades, manufacturing process, and cost.

For the rebar nuts and accessories, there are forged type and cast types. You can share your photos if you want the same type as your present construction material.  You can also tell us the brand of the formwork accessories. Wellmade is an OEM scaffolding and formwork manufacturer for global famous scaffolding companies and formwork engineering companies, you may find the right brand rebars and formwork products here.

Wellmade 16mm Rebar Quality

Wellmade manufactures high-quality 16mm rebars for your concrete formwork. We test the structure raw material’s chemical composition and mechanical property to ensure the tensile strength, yield, hardness are met up the standard requirement.  This ensures the 16mm rebar meets up the required load capacity. You can watch the following video. In the video, you can find how Wellmade test the 16mm rebar load capacity test.

We also have our own quality control in threading and formwork accessories compatible inspection. These ensure 100% rebars reaching you are safe and qualified.

Other Sizes of Iron Rod and Rebars

Other size rebars you can find from Wellmade include:

  • 8mm Iron Rod
  • 10mm Iron Rod
  • 12mm Rebars
  • 14mm Rebars
  • 15mm Rebars
  • 20mm Rebars
  • 25mm Rebars
  • 32mm Rebars
  • 36mm Rebars
  • 40mm Rebars

8-12mm iron rods are used in slab formwork, stair formwork, etc. While 14-20mm rebars are used for column formwork, beam formwork, etc.

In dams, bridge construction, tunnel formwork, and airport construction,  Wellmade 25-40mm iron rebars are required for heavy-duty reinforcement and strengthen.   As building materials, Wellmade rebars are able to fill all sorts of reinforcement concrete.

No matter you are construction companies, trading companies, formwork companies, or contractor and engineering companies, you can always get benefits from Wellmade during the 16mm rebars import and buying.

Not only supply you with high-quality 16mm rebars but also get more benefits in pricing, services, door-to-door delivery, etc.  Send us concrete reinforce bar requirement to have an immediate price and quote now from Wellmade now.

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