150mm Aluma Beams Aluminum

150mm aluma beams include S150, T150 and H 150 shaped aluminum shoring beams.

It is made of 6061 T6 aluminum material with timber or plastic strips inserted.

You and ask for different lengths for the 150mm aluma beams according to concrete construction requirements.

Relative load capacity tests are available. Send us emails to get prices and technical details.

150mm Aluma Beam Sizes & Weight

No Strips
WALB150TT150 Aluma Beam150mm100mm5.57 KG/m
WALB150S1S150 Aluma Beam150mm70mm3.38 KG/m
WALB150S2S150 Aluma Beam150mm85mm3.98 KG/m
WALB150HH150 Aluma Beam150mm85mm4.95 KG/m
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