123x75mm Aluma Beams

123mm height and 75mm width aluma beams are the light weight formwork aluminum beams. It is in aluminium grade of 6061 T6 and used as formwork beams for concrete slabs and beams.

Compare to 6.5″ and S140, S150, and S185mm aluma beams, 123mm aluminiums are lighter and smaller. It is used for both first and secondary beams in the formwork construction.
123x75mm aluma beams are used popularly in formwork companies, scaffolding companies, building material companies, and contractors in the Philippine country. It is compatible with all types of shoring scaffolding and formwork parts.

The lengths of the 123x75mm formwork aluma beams are customized from 1m to 12m.
They are fixed by aluma beam clips in the concrete slabs and beams in the shuttering construction. Send us a mail to get an immediate price.

123 * 75mm Aluma Beams Size & Weight

WALB1207-1Aluma Beam 123mm -S2.0 KG123mm75mm
WALB1207-2Aluma Beam 123mm -M2.2 KG123mm75mm
123 x 75mm Technical Data
GradeLengthLoad CapacityPackageMOQ
6061 T61.0m to 6.4m
(3′ to 21′)
22.75 KNBundles5000m
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