Shoring Props

Concrete Form Work Shoring Props

Italian Type of Shoring Prop is Made from OD48mm Inner Tube and OD56mm Outer Tube with Base Plate 120x120mm Top Head and Bottom,and Prop Sleeves with Handle,  Fixing G Pin Lock. 
Spanish Type of Shoring Prop is Made From OD40mm Inner Tube and OD48mm Outer Tube with Head and Base Plate in Size of 120x120mm, Prop Cup Sleeve with Double Handle and G Pins.
Wall thickness of Italian Type and Spanish Type Shoring Props Can be In 1.6-2.4mm Customized.
Adjusting Range for Adjustable Shoring Props is Designed according to Clients Construction, Concrete, Forming and Shuttering,Slab and Building Requirement.
Base Plate of the Shoring Props Can Be in Shape of Square or Flower Type.
Head Plate can also be in U Head and Cross Head.
Shoring Props Can be Finished in Painted, Powder Coated and Galvanized.
Spanish Type Shoring Props
Code No. Adjustable Length Inner Tube Outer Tube Tube Thickness concrete forming system temporary shoring prop adjustabe props spanish typeshoring concrete forms temporary propping shoring wall prop acro jacks
WP140SL 0.8-1.4m O.D40mm O.D48mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP300SL 1.6-3.0m O.D40mm O.D48mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP350SL 2-3.5m O.D40mm O.D48mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP400SL 2.2-4m O.D40mm O.D48mm 1.6-2.4mm
Italian Type Shoring Prop
Code No. Adjustable Height Inner Tube Outer Tube Tube Thickness adjustable telescopic props-shoring posts-concrete shoring prop for formwork and shuttering structuralformwork building acro construction shoring prop post steel support for concrete forms
WP290IL 1.6-2.9m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP320IL 1.8-3.2m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP360IL 2-3.6m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP400IL 2.2-4m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
Shoring Prop with U Head
Code No.



Inner Tube Outer Tube Tube Thickness formwork prop with u head adjustable building temporary shoring systemformwork for concrete construction shoring wall steel support adjustable shoring props
WP290ILU 1.6-2.9m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP320ILU 1.8-3.2m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP360ILU 2-3.6m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm
WP400ILU 2.2-4m O.D48mm O.D56mm 1.6-2.4mm




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