Heavy Duty Shore Frame Scaffolding

Shore Frame Scaffolding Include V Shore Frame, H Shore Frame Is Used Popular for Heavy Duty Formwork Slabs and Beams,Highway Bridge Construction, Building Sectors.
Shore Frame Scaffolding Vertical Main Tubes Are Maindly Produced by High Strength Steel Scaffolding Tubes and Pipes in OD57mm,OD60mm with Shore System Scaffold Components and Parts of Cross Braces, Adjustable U Head Jacks, Forkhead Jacks, Adjustable Flate Base Jacks锛 Connectors.
Typical Hi Load Shoring Tower
hi load frame scaffolding for peri formwork construction concrete slab hi load frame h frame scaffolding peri formwork construction heavy duty
Hi Load Shoring Frame-Non Bearing Ledger
Code No. Dimension(WxH) Lock Distance Weight(LBS) hi load formwork shoring frames
WMSH4123 2'x3' 2' 25
WMSH4124 2'x4' 3' 37
WMSH4125 2'x5' 4' 45
WMSH4126 2'x6' 4' 58
WMSH4143 4'x3' 2' 34
WMSH4144 4'x4' 3' 46
WMSH4145 4'x5' 4' 54
WMSH4146 4'x6' 4' 67
WMSH4146-06 4'x6' Walk Through 4' 69
WMSH4157-00 5'x6'6" 4' 75


Australian V Shore Frame
Code No. Width Height

Main Tube

1.22x2.13m V shore frame to Australian Heavy duty Formwork Slabs&Beams Highway Bridge Construction
VF01 1.22m 1.83m OD60x3.5mm
VF02 1.22m 2.13m OD60x3.5mm


H Frame Formwork
Code Width Height Tube Size 1.25x1.5m h  formwork frames peri formwork scaffolding frames
HFF01 1.2m 0.9m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF02 1.2m 1.2m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF03 1.2m 1.8m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF04 1.2m 2.1m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF05 1.25m 1.0m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF06 1.25m 1.5m OD48.3x3.5mm


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