Forged Scaffolding Coupler

Wellmade Scaffold Produces Forged Scaffolding Couplers in British Type,Germany Type,Australia Type, USA Durable Type I bot Scaffolding Clamps and Wedge Clamps.
All Forged Scaffolding Coupler are Tested and Certified according to BS1139 and EN74 Class A and Class B Standard.
British Forged Scaffolding Couplers are used 21 Cross Nut, while Germany and USA Scaffolding Clamps use 22mm Flange Nut, Australian Scaffold Couplers use 23mm Flange Nut.
Forged Scaffolding Coupler Sizes include OD48.3mm, OD60.3mm, OD76mm and OD89mm.
Wellmade Scaffold produces Forged Scaffold Couplers include Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Board Retaining Coupler, Single Coupler, Half Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Girder Coupler and Beam Clamps in Fixed and Swivel Type.

BS1139 En 74 Forged Scaffolding Double Coupler

Code No. Sizes Items Finishing Drop forged Scaffolding Double Coupler
Drop Forged Double Coupler BS1139 Scaffold Fittings
WDD1-4848 OD48x48mm Forged Double Coupler 48.3mmx48.3mm Zinc-plated/HDG
锘縒DD1-6048 锘縊D60x48mm Forged Double Coupler 48.3mmx60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘匡豢WDD1-6060 锘匡豢OD60x60mm Forged Double Coupler 60mmx60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘匡豢WDD1-7648 锘縊D76x48mm Forged Double Coupler 48.3mmx76mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘縒DD1-7660 OD76x60mm Forged Double Coupler 76mmx60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDD1-8948 OD89x48mm Forged Double Coupler 89mmx48mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDD1-8960 锘縊D89x60mm Forged Double Coupler 89mmx60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘縒DD1-8976 锘縊D89x76mm Forged Double Coupler 89mmx76mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDD1-4242 OD42x42mm Forged Double Coupler 42mmx42mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘縒DD1-4248 OD48x42mm Forged Double Coupler 48.3mmx42mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
BS1139 En 74 Forged Scaffolding Swivel Coupler
Code No. Sizes Items Finishing  BS1139 Drop Forged Swivel Coupler Scaffolding
 OD75x48mm Drop Forged  Swivel Clamp Scaffolding Swivel Coupler
WDS1-4848 OD48x48mm Swivel Coupler 48.3x48.3mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
锘縒DS1-6048 OD48x60mm Swivel Coupler 48.3x60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-6060 OD60x60mm Swivel Coupler 60x60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-7648 OD76x48mm Swivel Coupler 76x48.3mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-7660 OD76x60mm Swivel Coupler 76x60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-8948 OD89x48mm Swivel Coupler 89x48.3mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-8960 OD89x60mm Swivel Coupler 89x60mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-8976 OD89x76mm Swivel Coupler 89x76mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-4242 OD42x42mm Swivel Coupler 42x42mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
WDS1-4248 OD42x48mm Swivel Coupler 42x48.3mm 锘縕inc-plated/HDG
Scaffolding Forged Gravlock Girder Beam Clamps
Code No. Sizes Items  Finishing  Scaffolding Girder Coupler Beam ClampsForged Swivel Beam Clamp Scaffolding Girder Coupler
WDG1-F OD48.3mm Forged Fixed Girder Coupler  Zinc-plated/HDG
WDG1-S OD48.3mm Forged Swivel Beam Clamps  Zinc-plated/HDG
Drop Forged Scaffolding Putlog Coupler
Code No. Size Items Finishing Forged Scaffolding  Single Coupler Putlog Coupler Scaffold
WPD1 OD48.3mm Forged Single Putlog Coupler Zinc-plated/HDG
Drop Forged Board Retaining Coupler BRC Coupler
Code No. Size Items Finishing Scaffolding Board Retaining Clamp BRC Coupler
WBRC-38 OD48.3mm Forged Board Retaining Clamp for 38mm Scaffold Board  Zinc-plated/HDG
WBRC-40 OD48.3mm Forged Board Retaining Clamp for 40mm Scaffold Board Zinc-plated/HDG
WBRC-45 OD48.3mm Forged Board Retaining Clamp for 45mm Scaffold Board Zinc-plated/HDG
En 74 Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler
Code No. Size Items Finishing Scaffold Sleeve Coupler Box Joint Pin
WPSL1 OD48.3mm Scaffold Sleeve Coupler Zinc-plated/HDG
Scaffold Ladder Clamps
Code No. Items Finishing drop forged scaffold ladder clamps
WFLC Forged Scaffold Ladder Clamps Zinc-plated/HDG
WPLC Pressed Steel Scaffold Ladder Clamps Zinc-plated/HDG
Scaffold Toe Board Clamp
Code No. Items Finishing scaffold toe board clamp
WTBC Scaffold Toe Board Clamp Zinc-plated/HDG
Scaffolding Fence Post Coupler
Code No. Items Finishing scaffolding fence post coupler fencing coupler fence coupling
WFC Scaffold Fencing Coupler Zinc-plated/HDG
Scaffolding Universal Clamp
Code No. Items Finishing scaffold universal clamp
WUC Scaffold Universal Clamp Zinc-plated/HDG




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