Scaffold Plank

Scaffold Planks

Scaffold Planks include Aluminium Planks, Aluminium-Plywood Plank and Metal Scaffold Decks and wood board in All Sizes, Plain Ends and Hooks On for Scaffolding Frames, Pipe and Fitting Scaffolding and Scaffold Systems.

19“ Aluminium Planks
Code No.

Size (WidthxLength)



aluminium planks aluminum scaffolding board scaffold deck
WMALP1905 19'x5' Aluminium Planks


WMALP1907 19"x7' Aluminium Planks


WMALP1908 19"x8' Aluminium Planks


WMALP1910 19"x10' Aluminium Planks


210x45mm Scaffold Metal Deck
Code No. Description
WMMD001-050 210x45x500mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-100 210x45x1000mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-150 210x45x1500mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-200 210x45x2000mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-250 210x45x2500mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-300 210x45x3000mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-350 210x45x3500mm Metal Decks
WMMD001-400 210x45x4000mm Metal Decks


Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Steel Plank
Code No. Description  ringlock scaffolding steel plank at-pac scaffolding pin lock scaffold
WMRSSP088 Steel Plank 0.88m/ 2/9"
WMRSSP091 Steel Plank 0.91m/ 3'
WMRSSP106 Steel Plank 1.065m/ 3'6"
WMRSSP115 Steel Plank 1.15m/ 3'10"
WMRSSP121 Steel Plank 1.219m/ 4'
WMRSSP152 Steel Plank 1.524m/ 5'
WMRSSP157 Steel Plank 1.57m/2/ 5'2"
WMRSSP182 Steel Plank 1.82m/ 6'
WMRSSP213 Steel Plank 2.13m/ 7'
WMRSSP243 Steel Plank 2.43m/ 8'
WMRSSP305 Steel Plank 3.05m/ 10'

Scaffold Cat Walk Plate Board
Code No. Size(WxL) Scaffolding Walk Board

450x1829mm Cat Walk Board

WMSB009-2 450x1219mm Cat Walk Board

500x1829mm Cat Walk Board

WMSB010-12 500x1219mm Cat Walk Board

Solid Wood and Laminated Wood Plank for Safe Work Platform
Code No. Description Weight(LBS/KGS) bs2482 scaffold wood plank
WMWB04 DI-65 Plank 4' 16 LBS / 7.27KGS
WMWB06 DI-65 Plank 6' 24 LBS/  10.90KGS
WMWB08 DI-65 Plank 8' 32 LBS/  14.55KGS
WMWB10 DI-65 Plank 10' 40 LBS/  18.19KGS
WMWB12 DI-65 Plank 12' 48 LBS/  21.82KGS
WMWB16 DI-65 Plank 16' 64LBS/  29.09KGS



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