Round Ringlock System

Allround Scaffolding Layher Ringlock System

Round Ringlock System Scaffolding is made from OD48.3mm Diameter Scaffold Tube with Allround Type Rings and Rosettes On Standards.  Allround Type of Ledger Ends and Wedge Pins.
Round Ringlock System Scaffolding Spindle Jacks are Round Threaded Type with Heavy duty Jack Nut.
Scaffolding Side Bracket can be Fixed and Adjustable Types.  
Round Andamios Ringlock Standard
Code No.  Description Weight(KG) Length(mm)   layher allround scaffolding standards
WLRRS050 Round Ringlock Standard 0.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 2.9 500
WLRRS100 Round Ringlock Standard 1.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 5.5 1000
WLRRS150 Round Ringlock Standard 1.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 7.8 1500
WLRRS200 Round Ringlock Standard 2.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 10.2 2000
WLRRS250 Round Ringlock Standard 2.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 12.2 2500
WLRRS300 Round Ringlock Standard 3.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 14.6 3000
WLRRS400 Round Ringlock Standard 4.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot,Steel 19.1 4000

1)Round Andamios Ringlock Standard with Bolted Spigot or Without Spigot is Available. 

2)Round Andamios Rings and Rosette is In Q345/S355 Annealed for Europe.

3) Scaffold Tube for Round Andamios are in Q345/S355 Steel Grade

Round Andamios Ring Lock Rosette Clamp
Code No. Description Weight(KG) layher scaffolding allround system rosette clamp
WLRC19 Rosette Clamp 19WS 1.0
WLRC22 Rosette Clamp 22 WS 1.0

Rosette Clamp is always in Hot Dip Galvanized with T bolt and Flange Nut/Cross Nut as well as Rivet,

usage of multipurpose of round ring lock system.


Round Andamios Ringlock Base Collar
Code No. Description Weight(KG) Length(mm) layher allround scaffolding base collar
WLRBC24 Round Ringlock Scaffolding Base Coloar 240mm 1.6 240mm
WLRBC43 Round Ringlock Scaffolding Base Coloar 430mm 2.7 430mm

240mm Collar with Rosette Ring is an Initial Ringlock System Part for Ringlock Verticals in Construction

430mm Colloar is Used Specially for Aluminium Scaffolding Rolling Tower

Scaffolding Spindle Screw Jacks
Code No. Description Weight Length(mm) layher scaffolding spindle jack base plate 60
WLBP60-H Base Jack 600mm Hollow 3.6KG 410/600
WLBP80-R Base Jack 600mm Reinforced 4.9KG 550/800
WLBP60-S Base Jack 600mm Solid 6.7KG 410/600
WLSJ60-S Swivel Jack 600mm Solid 6.1KG 410/600

Cross Head Jacks 600mm Solid,Cross Head 240x155x170

7.9KG 410/600

Sold U Head Jack 140x60x150mm

7.4KG 410/600

Sold U Head Jack 160x50x150mm


Sold U Head Jack 180x110x150mm


Round Scaffolding Spindle Outdiameter OD38mm and a Pitch of 8.1mm in Round Threads. The Wing External Dimension of Spindle Nut is 205mm. Dimension of Foot Plate is 150x150mm in 5mm and 6mm.Load Capacity of Spindle is Conform to EN12811-1 Standard.


Allround Ringlock Scaffolding O Ledger
Code NO. Description Weight(KG)  layher allround scaffolding o ledgers
WLROL025 Ringlock O Ledger 250mm 1.6
WLROL039 Ringlock O Ledger 390mm 2.1
WLROL045 Ringlock O Ledger 450mm 2.4
WLROL073 Ringlock O Ledger 730mm 3.4
WLROL090 Ringlock O Ledger 900mm 3.9
WLROL103 Ringlock O Ledger 1040mm 4.4
WLROL109 Ringlock O Ledger 1090mm 4.6
WLROL129 Ringlock O Ledger 1290mm 5.3
WLROL140 Ringlock O Ledger 1400mm 5.8
WLROL157 Ringlock O Ledger 1570mm 6.3
WLROL207 Ringlock O Ledger 2070mm 8.2
WLROL257 Ringlock O Ledger 2570mm 10.0
WLROL307 Ringlock O Ledger 3070mm 12.0
WLROL414 Ringlock O Ledger 4140mm 15.1


Round Ringlock System Intermediate Transom
Code Items Weight layher allround scaffolding intermediate transom
WLRIM073 0.73m Transom 8.15KG
ELRIM109 1.09m Transom 9.78KG


Ringlock Scaffolding U Ledger
Code Items Weight layher scaffolding ringlock u ledger
WLRUL025 0.25m U Ledger  2.25KG
WLRUL039 0.39m U Ledger  2.96KG
WLRUL045 0.45m U Ledger  3.20KG
WLRUL073 0.73m U Ledger  4.32KG
WLRUL109 1.09m U Ledger  5.75KG
WLRUL140 1.40m U Ledger  7.00KG
WLRUL157 1.57m U Ledger  7.68KG
WLRUL207 2.07m U Ledger  9.68KG
WLRUL257 2.57m U Ledger  11.67KG
WLRUL307 3.07m U Ledger  13.67KG


Layher Scaffolding Steel Ladders
Code Items Weight layher scaffolding allround system steel ladders
WLRL200 2m Steel Ladder 16.35KG
WLRL300 3m Steel Ladder 23.59KG
WLRL400 4m Steel Ladder 30.35KG


320mm Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Deck
Code Items Weight 320mm layher allround scaffolding steel deck scaffold platform
WLSD32109 320mm Steel Deck 109cm 11.75KG
WLSD32140 320mm Steel Deck 140cm 14.09KG
WLSD32207 320mm Steel Deck 207cm 19.25KG
WLSD33257 320mm Steel Deck 257cm 23.06KG



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