Plettac Scaffolding

Plettac Scaffolding is an easy access scaffoding system with 2.0m and 1.0m Vertical Frames Made by OD48.3x3.2mm High Strength Steel Tube in Hot dip galvanized finishing.
The Plettac Scaffolding System Include Plettac Frame System of 2 Pcs of Vertical Frames with Spigots, 320mm Steel Planks with Hooks at both Ends, GI Single Ledgers, Single Diagonal Brace, Tublar with Hook, Screw Jack with Base Plate, Guard Rail Post With Transom, Double End Brace, Tow Board Hop Ups and Bottom Fixing of Ledger.
Plettac Scaffolding Frame is a popular scaffolding system used in Poland, German and American market.  
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