MS 1462 Scaffold Tube

MS1462 Malaysia Standard Scaffold Tube

Ms1462 is a Malaysian Standard for Construction Scaffolding. All Scaffolding Materials to Malaysia Must Get Approved from CIDB Malaysia.
Galvanized Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding Should be Tested and Certified By CIDB in Chemical, Physical, Galvanizing, Welding and Mark as Well As Factory Management Audit Before Getting PC Certificate.
Wellmade Scaffold is the Lead Scaffolding Pipe Manufacturer Which is Award Product Certificate of Conformity(PC) From CIDB Malaysia.
Malaysian Importers Can Get COA from CIDB Importing Scaffold Tubes From Wellmade Scaffold.
MS1462 Galvanized Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding
Code Component Grade Dimension PC No.


Ms 1462 Galvanized Scaffold Tubes
ms 1462 galvanized steel tube for tubular scaffolding GI scaffolding pipes Malaysia Standard CIDB
scaffolding malaysia tubular scaffold ms 1462 cidb approved
Ms 1462 standard galvanized steel tube for tuburlar scaffolding CIDB approved COA



Galvanised Steel Tube

Welded, Type 4

S235GT Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)0.5m 0918006
WMS100 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)1.0m
WMS150 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)1.5m
WMS200 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)2.0m
WMS250 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)2.5m
WMS300 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)3.0m
WMS350 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)3.5m
WMS400 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)4.0m
WMS450 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)4.5m
WMS500 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)5.0m
WMS550 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)5.5m
WMS600 Φ48.3mmx(T)4.0mmx(L)6.0m




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