Metal Scaffold Plank Deck

Scaffold Metal Decks and Steel Planks are made in Galvanized and Painted with Plain Ends and Hook-on for Scaffolding System, Pipe and Fitting Scaffolding, Frame System Scaffolding Conform to Scaffolding Standard of EN12811 and AS1577. 

Scaffold Metal Decks
Code No. Description scaffold metal decks
WMMD001 210mmx45mm Metal Decks
WMMD002 225mmx38mm Metal Decks
WMMD003 230mmx63mm Australian Scaffold Plank-AS/NZS1577
WMMD004 238x57mm Steel Batten for Cuplock Scaffold
WMMD005 240mmx45mm Metal Decks
WMMD006 250mmx40mm Metal Decks
Hook-On Scaffold Boards
Code no. Description Weight(KG) hook-on scaffold boards formscaff kwikstage scaffold peri formwork
WSKHB300 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 3000 Non Tilt 21.40
WSKHB270 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2700 Non Tilt 19.50
WSKHB250 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2500 Non Tilt 17.84
WSKHB200 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2000 Non Tilt 15.39
WSKHB150 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 1500 Non Tilt 11.17
WSKHB121 Hook-on Scaffold Boards 1219 Non Tilt 9.10


9" Scaffold Plank for Cuplock Scaffold and Ringlock Scaffold
Code No. Description Weight(LBS/KGS) cuplock scaffold system steel plank 9" width
WCP3 3' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 16.89 LBS/ 7.68 KGS
WCP4 4' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 21.36 LBS/ 9.71 KGS
WCP5 5' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 25.80 LBS/ 11.73 KGS
WCP6 6' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 30.27 LBS/ 13.76 KGS
WCP7 7' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 34.71 LBS/ 15.78KGS
WCP8 8' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 39.16 LBS/ 17.80 KGS
WCP9 9' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 43.62 LBS/ 19.83 KGS
WCP10 10' Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks 48.07 LBS/ 21.85 KGS

Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Steel Plank
Code No. Description ringlock scaffolding steel plank at-pac scaffolding pin lock scaffold
WMRSSP088 Steel Plank 0.88m/ 2/9"
WMRSSP091 Steel Plank 0.91m/ 3'
WMRSSP106 Steel Plank 1.065m/ 3'6"
WMRSSP115 Steel Plank 1.15m/ 3'10"
WMRSSP121 Steel Plank 1.219m/ 4'
WMRSSP152 Steel Plank 1.524m/ 5'
WMRSSP157 Steel Plank 1.57m/2/ 5'2"
WMRSSP182 Steel Plank 1.82m/ 6'
WMRSSP213 Steel Plank 2.13m/ 7'
WMRSSP243 Steel Plank 2.43m/ 8'
WMRSSP305 Steel Plank 3.05m/ 10'

Interlock Scaffold Planks
Code No. Description interlock type scaffold planks steel walk board platform
WMSP001 Interlock Scaffold Planks 2.5m
WMSP002 Interlock Scaffold Planks 2.0m
WMSP003 Interlock Scaffold Planks 1.5m


Layher Scaffolding Steel Planks
Code No. Description Weight(KGS)  320mm layher scaffold steel planks
WLP730 0.73m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 6.2KG
WLP107 1.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 8.8KG
WLP157 1.57m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 12.6KG
WLP207 2.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 16.4KG
WLP257 2.57m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 20.2KG
WLP307 3.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks 24.1KG


Frame Scaffolding Catwalk Plate Walking Board
Code No. Size(WxL) Scaffolding Walk Board

450x1829mm Cat Walk Board

WMSB009-2 450x1219mm Cat Walk Board

500x1829mm Cat Walk Board

WMSB010-12 500x1219mm Cat Walk Board


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