British Kwikstage Scaffolding

Wellmade Scaffold Produces British Kwikstage Scaffolding, Australian Standard Scaffolding, South Africa Standard of Kwikstage Scaffolding.
British Kwikstage Scaffolding is made from BS1139 Standard Scaffold Tube in Standard Size of OD48.3x4.0mm.
Painted and Hot Dip Galvanized Are Available in Customized.
British Kwikstage Scaffolding Standard Verticals
Code  Sizes(mm) LG Weight british standard kwkistage scaffolding bs1139
WKS050 OD48.3x4.0mmx500 1'8"  3.0KG
WKS100 OD48.3x4.0mmx1000  3'3"  6.2KG
WKS150 OD48.3x4.0mmx1500  4'11"  8.5KG
WKS200 OD48.3x4.0mmx2000  6'6" 11.7KG
WKS250 OD48.3x4.0mmx2500  8'2" 14.4KG
WKS300 OD48.3x4.0mmx3000  9'9" 17.2KG
British Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal
Code Size(mm) LG Weight kwikstage scaffolding ledger horizontal BS1139 British Standard Scaffolding
WKL120 OD48.3x3.2mmx1200(C to C) 4'2" 5.6KG
WKL180 OD48.3x3.2mmx1800(C to C) 6' 7.0KG
WKL240 OD48.3x3.2mmx2400(C to C) 8' 9.2KG


Kwikstage Scaffolding Diagonal Brace
Code Size(mm) LG Weight kwikstage scaffolding diagonal braces british standard
WKB183 OD48.3x3.2x1830 6' 8.65KG
WKB275 OD48.3x3.2x2750 9' 12.3KG
WKB353 OD48.3x3.2x3530 11'6" 15.30KG
WKB366 OD48.3x3.2x3660 12' 15.80KG


British Kwik Stage Scaffold Boards Battens
Code Size(mm) LG Weight british standard scaffold boards stage scaffold battens for kwikstage system
WKP076 230x63mm/238x57 2'6" 6.2KG
WKP120 230x63mm/238x57 4 FT 9.1KG
WKP180 230x63mm/238x57 6 FT 13.5KG
WKP240 230x63mm/238x57 8 FT 17.1KG
British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Tie Bars
Code Size(mm) LG Weight kwikstage scaffolding tie bars
WKTB120 30x30x1200 4 FT 3.8KG
WKTB180 30x30x1800 6 FT 5.4KG
WKTB240 30x30x2400 8 FT 7.2KG
British Type Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom
Code Size(mm) LG Weight kwikstage scaffolding transom
WKT060 50x50x600 2 FT 3.3KG
WKT080 50x50x800 2'8" 5.0KG
WKT120 50x50x1200 4 FT 9.7KG
WKT180 50x50x1800 6 FT 13.1KG
Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom
Code Size LG Weight kwikstage scaffolding return transom
WKRT080 800mm 2'8" 8.5KG
WKRT120 1200mm 4'2" 13.1KG


UK Type Kwikstage Scaffolding Board Bracket
Code Items Size Weight kwikstage scaffolding 2 board bracket uk british type
WKPB1 One Board Bracket 230mm 2.3KG
WKPB2 Two Board Bracket 460mm


WKPB3 Three Board Bracket 690mm 9.1KG
UK Type Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom
Code Items Size Weight kwikstage scaffolding ladder access transom
WKLAT120 1.2m Ladder Access Transom 4'2" 10KG


Kwikstage Scaffold Internal Corner Frame
Code Description Size Weight kwikstage scaffolding internal corner frame
WKCF Internal Corner Frame 530mm 13.7KG


Kwikstage Loading Bay Transom
Code Description Size Weight British Types Kwisktage Scaffolding components loading bay transom
WKLBT Loading Bay Transom 8' 33KG


Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Board Clamp
Code Description Usage Weight kwikstage scaffold toe board clamps uk type
WKTB Kwikstage Toe Board Clamp Hold Toe Board in Position 0.8KG


Kwikstage Scaffold End Toe Board Bracket
Code Description Usage Weight kwikstage scaffolding end toe board bracket
WKETB End Toe Board Bracket Fix Toe Board By Fitting Into  Standard V Clip 1.3KG


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