H Frame Scaffolding

H Frame Scaffolding

H frame scaffolding include scaffolding components and parts of 2 main vertical frames, 2 sets of cross braces, 4 pcs of joint pins as well as Scaffold Boards and Planks. 
H Frame Scaffolding can be in Hot dip Galvanized, Zinc-plated(E-gal) and Pre-galvanized.
In Mobile Scaffolding System, H Frame Scaffolding Is Installed With Scaffold Casters PU, Rubber or Cast Steel Type. 
H Frame Scaffolding 1219mm
No Size(mm) Drawing Tube Spec. Surface H Frame Tower
1 1219(W)x1700(H)  1219x1700mm h frame scaffolding
O.D(mm) W.T(mm)
42.7 1.6-3.0
48.3 1.8-4.0
  • Pre-galvanized
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
h frame scaffolding tower pre-galvanized
2 1219(W)x1219(H) h frame scaffolding 1219x1219mm
3 1219(W)x914(H) h frame scaffolding 1219x914mm for scaffold tower
4 1219(W)x480(H) h frame scaffold 1219x418mm frame tower


Italian Type Light H Frame
 No.  Desription  Size(mm)  Tube Size Drawing
 1 Italian Ladder Frame Type  990(W)x2000(H)  1-1/2" Italian lightweight frame scaffolding 2mtr for construction concrete and drywalls
 2 Italian Arch Frame Type  990(W)x2000(H)  1-1/2" Italian Type Lightweight Arch Frfame Scaffolding light weight scaffolding frames
 3 Italian Main Frame Type  990(Wx2000(H)  1-1/2" Main Frame Scaffolding Frames Italian Light Weight Type Korean Frame Scaffold


Frame Cross Braces
Code Frame Distance(L) Lock Span(H) Length(LG)
H Frame Scaffold Cross Braces
H Frame Cross Braces
h frame scaffolding cross braces
WH301A 1829mm 1219mm 2198mm
WH301B 1829mm 914mm 2045mm
WH301C 1829mm 610mm 1928mm
WH301D 1829mm 280mm 1850mm
WH301E 1219mm 1219mm 1724mm
WH301F 1219mm 610mm 1363mm
WH301G 1219mm 280mm 1251mm
WH301H 2100mm 1219mm 2428mm



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