H Frame Scaffolding

H Frame Scaffolding System Include 2 Vertical H Frames, 2 Cross Braces, Steel Planks as Work Platform and Jack Bases in Solid and Hollow, Coupling Pins as Connectors Between 2 H Frames In Vertical.

Wellmade H Frame Scaffolding is Manufactured from High Quality Steel To Meet The Requirement of Load Bearing Capacity. It is One of the Most Important Components and High Speed In Erecting the Scaffolding Frame Into Various Systems Like Access Scaffolding Frames, Rolling Tower system and Shoring System.

H Frame Scaffolding to Philippines
H Frame Scaffolding 1200x1700mm H Frame Scaffolding 1200x1200mm H Frame Scaffolding 900mm
H Frame Scaffolding 1700mm H frame Scaffolding 1200mm H Frame Scaffolding 900mm
H Frame Scaffolding Accessories and Shoring Jacks
H Frame Scaffolding Jack Base H Frame Scaffolding U Jacks Adjustable Shoring  Jacks
h frame scaffolding jack base solid 30mm in 400mm and 600mm height Scaffolding U Jack solid 30mm in 400mm and 600mm height Adjustable Shoring Jacks Scaffolding  Steel  Prop


WMUJ-S(400/600mm) WMSJ4860(3.6m,4.2m,6m)
Scaffolding Clamps and Joint Pins
Fixed Clamps Swivel Clamps Frame Joint Pin Inner Joint Pin Coupler Sleeve Coupler GI Pipes
Scaffolding 90 Degree Fixed Clamps in OD48.6mmxOD48.6mm Scaffolding Swivel Clamps OD48.6mm OD60.3mm Frame Scaffolding Joint Pins Coupling Pins for H Frames scaffolding inner joint pins scaffolding pipes scaffolding sleeve coupler for scaffolding gi pipes Scaffolding Pipes Galvanized GI Steel Pipes
WPD2(48.6/60) WPS2(48.6/60) WMFJP WPI1 WPSL1 WST



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