Germany Scaffolding Clamps

Germany Scaffolding Clamps

Germany Scaffolding Clamps of EN74 Forged Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler,Layher Type Scaffold Coupler,E-galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized, with Components and Parts of 8.8 Class Bolt,22 Flange Nut.
Germany Scaffolding Clamps Include OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube Clamps and OD42mm Scaffold Tube Clamps.
OD48&OD42mm Forged  Double Coupler&Swivel Coupler
forged germany double coupler right angle coupler Germany Scaffolding Swivel Coupler EN74 Drop Forged OD42mm Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Forged EN74
Code No.: WMGD48 Code No. WMGS48 Code No.: WMGS42

OD48mm Double Coupler

OD48mm Swivel Coupler OD42mm Swivel Coupler


Forged Germany Scaffolding Coupler Layher&Wedge Pin Type
forged germany scaffolding swivel coupler layher type scaffold clamps forged germany half swivel coupler with wedge pin
Code No. WMGMLH48 Code No. WMGMWG48
Germany Layher Swivel Coupler OD48.3mm Germany Wedge Swivel Couler OD48.3mm



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