Formwork Props

Concrete Formwork Acrow Props

Acrow props In size 0-4 Painted and Galvanized to UK&Australia, USA Etc. 

There are Heavy  Duty Acrow Props and Light Duty Props According to Load Capacity and  Prop Inner Tube and Outer Tube Design. 

Size 0-4# Acrow Props

Acrow Prop Size and Safety Load

No. Closed Open Inner Tube Outer Tube Head&Base Plate Max Load(KN)
Acrow Prop Size 0 1.04m 1.83m 48.3mm 60.3mm 150x150 102KN(1.04m)
Acrow Prop Size 1 1.75m 3.12m 48.3mm 60.3mm 150x150 73KN(1.75m)
Acrow Prop Size 2 1.98m 3.35m 48.3mm 60.3mm 150x150 72KN(1.98m)
Acrow Prop Size 3 2.59m 3.96m 48.3mm 60.3mm 150x150 64KN(2.59m)
Acrow Prop Size 4 3.2m 4.86m 48.3mm 60.3mm 150x150 50KN(3.2m)

 Light Duty Telescopic Scaffold Props

adjustable props for formwork construction and buildingadjustable scaffolding props formwork telescopic steel prop for construction and building

Light Duty Telescopic Scaffold Props Size

Item No. Adjustable Height Tube Size Weght
WP290 1.6-2.9m

Outer Tube:OD60x2.0m

Inner Tube: OD48x2.0m

9.33 KG
WP330 1.8-3.3m 10.35KG
WP350 2.0-3.5m 10.73KG
WP400 2.2-4.0m 12.03KG
WP450 2.5-4.5m 13.28KG
WP500 3.-5.0m 14.40KG

Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props 

middle duty adjustable scaffolding steel props-acrow scaffolding components

Middle Duty Steel Props Size

Code No. Adjustable Height Tube Size Weight
WP250M 1.4-2.5m

OD48x3.2mm Inner Tube

OD60x3.0mm Outer Tube

WP270M 1.6-2.7m 14.5KG
WP350M 2.0-3.5m 16.1KG
WP400M 2.2-4.0m 19.27KG
WP550M 3.0-5.50m 27.36KG

 Heavy Duty Acro Prop

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Heavy Duty Scaffold Acro Prop Jack

Code No. Adjustable Height

Tube Size

OD48.3x4.0mm Inner Tube

OD60.3x4.0mm Outer Tube

WP300H 1.7-3.2m 18.16KG
WP350H 2-3.5m 20.03KG
WP400H 2.5-4.0m 22.14KG
WP450H 3-4.5m


Formwork Post Shore


concrete form work post shore scaffolding shoring post-post shoring jacks

Code No. Adjustable Length Internal Tube External Tube Weight
PS00 3'6"-6' 1.9"x0.126" 2.38"x0.09" 31LBS
PS01 5'6"-10' 1.9"x0.126" 2.38"x0.09" 43LBS
PS02 6'6"-11' 1.9"x0.126" 2.38"x0.09" 45LBS
PS03 8'8"-13'2 1.9"x0.126" 2.38"x0.09" 52LBS
PS04 10'6-16'3 1.9"x0.126" 2.38"x0.09" 60LBS

Heavy Duty Shoring Post Shores I

Concrete Form Work Post Shore Adjustable Temporary Scaffolding Shoring

Size of Post Shores I

Code No. Adjustable Length Inner Tube Outer Tube
PS01HI 5'7"-9'6" 2.38" O.D 2.75" O.D
PS02HI 7'3"-12'10" 2.38" O.D 2.75" O.D
PS03HI 8'10"-16'1" 2.38" O.D 2.75" O.D

Heavy Duty Post Shore II

heavy duty props-form work post shore-shoring posts

 Size of Post Shore II

Code No. Adjustable Length Inner Tube Outer  Tube
PS00HII 1.3-2.5m(4.3‘-8.2’) 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)
PS01HII 1.6-3.0m(5.2'-9.8') 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)
PS02HII 198-3.35m(6.5'-11') 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)
PS03HII 2.2-4.0m(7.2'-13.11') 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)
PS04HII 3.0-5.0m(9.8'-16.4') 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)
PS05HII 3.5-5.5m(11.5'-18') 2.5"O.D(63.5mm) 3"O.D(76.2mm)

 Heavy Duty Post Shore Props III

heavy duty concrete formwork shoring posts-post shores

Heavy Duty Post Shore Props III

Code No. Adjustable Length Inner Tube Outer Tube
PS00HIII 1.15-1.85m 3"O.D(76.2mm) 3.5"O.D(89mm)
PS01HIII 1.75-3.05m 3"O.D(76.2mm) 3.5"O.D(89mm)
PS02HIII 2.0-3.5m 3"O.D(76.2mm) 3.5"O.D(89mm)
PS03HIII 2.4-4.0m 3"O.D(76.2mm) 3.5"O.D(89mm)
PS04HIII 3.3-5.0m 3"O.D(76.2mm) 3.5"O.D(89mm)



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