Cup Lock Scaffold

Cup lock Scaffold En12810 Certificate Safety

EN12810 Cuplock Scaffolding In Galvanized&Painted Finishing is one of Modular Types of Scaffolding System. Used Popular in Construction Building, Slab Formwork Support, Oil&Gas Industry. 
Components and Parts of Cuplock Scaffold System Include: Standard Verticals, Ledger Horizontals, Braces, Transoms, Brackets,Adjustable Scaffold Jacks,Metal Scaffold Boards,Stairs Etc. 
During Formwork Slab Concreting, Infill Beams, Decking Beams,Drop Heads are Necessary Parts and Components to Use Together with Cuplock Support System.
Cuplock Standards are Made from OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube w/ Forged or Cast Top Cup and Pressed Steel Bottom Cup. Cuplock Ledgers are Made from 48.3mm Diameter Scaffold Tube with Forged Ledger Blades. Open Type Ledger Blades are used for Galvanizing Finish Cuplock Scaffold While, ClosedType Ledger Blades are Used  for Painted Cuplock Scaffold Ledgers.
Cuplock System Scaffold Are Tested By EN12810 for a Construction Safety. 

Cuplock Scaffolding System

cuplock scaffolding system components and parts
Cuplock Scaffolding Standards
 Code  Height  Weight(KG) Weight(LBS)
WCS050  0.5m  1'8"  3.53 7.77
WCS100 1.0m  3'3"  6.31 13.88
WCS130 1.3m  4'3"  8.28 18.22
WCS150 1.5m  4'11"  9.05 19.91
WCS180 1.8m  6'0" 11.05 24.31
WCS200 2.0m  6'6" 11.82 25.99
WCS230 2.3m  7'6" 13.80 30.37
WCS250 2.5m  8'2" 14.57 32.05
WCS280 2.8m  9'2"  16.58 36.47
WCS300 3.0m  9'10" 17.34 38/16

 Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers  

Cuplock ledgers with forged ledger blade-cuplock formwork


Cuplock Scaffold Ledgers
Code Length Weight(KG) Weight(LBS)
WCL060 0.60m 2'0" 2.47 5.44
WCL090 0.90m 3'0" 3.55 7.82
WCL100 1.00m 3'3" 3.92 8.62
WCL120 1.20m 4'0" 4.28 9.41
WCL125 1.25m 4'1" 4.83 10.62
WCL130 1.30m 4'3" 5.01 11.02
WCL150 1.50m 4'11" 5.73 12.62
WCL160 1.60m 5'3" 6.09 13.40
WCL180 1.80m 6'0" 6.81 14.99
WCL200 2.00m 6'6" 7.54 16.58
WCL250 2.50m 8'2" 9.35 20.58

 Cuplock Diagonal Braces  

cuplock scaffolding braces diagonal cup scaffolding parts and componentscuplock scaffolding system parts cup scaffolding swivel blade and swivel clamp braces



Cup Lock Scaffold Diagonal Braces
Code Bay Size Weight(KG) Weight(LBS)
Swivel Blade Brace
WCB1 1.8X1.5M 8.25 18.15
WCB2 1.8X2.0M 9.31 20.48
WCB3 2.5x1.5m 9.99 21.98
WCB4 2.5x2.0m 10.86 23.90
WCB5 3.0x2.0m 12.10 26.61
Swivel Clamp Brace
WCB11 2.5mx2m 14.20 31.20
WCB12 1.8mx2m 12.30 27.10
WCB13 1.6mx2m 11.80 26.00
   Snap to Snap Brace
WCB19 2.5mx2m 14.50  31.90
WCB20 1.8mx2m 12.60  27.70
WCB21 1.6mx2m  12.10  26.60

 Cuplock Steel Planks

Cuplock Scaffolding Planks Metal Deck with Hooks Cup Lock System

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Planks
Code Length(Centre to Centre)   Weight
WCP3  3' 0.91m 7.68  KG 16.89 lbs
WCP4  4' 1.22m 9.71  KG 21.36 lbs
WCP5  5' 1.52m 11.73 KG 25.80 lbs
WCP6  6' 1.83m 13.76 KG 30.27 lbs
WCP7  7' 2.13m 15.78 KG 34.71 lbs
WCP8  8' 2.44m 17.80 KG 39.16 lbs
WCP9  9' 2.74m 19.83 KG 43.62 lbs
WCP10  10' 3.05m 21.85 KG 48.07 lbs

 Cuplock Transom

Cuplock scaffolding transom

Cuplock Scaffold Transom
Code Length Weight
WCIT1 0.565m 3.83KG 8.43LBS
WCIT2 0.795m 4.67KG 10.26LBS
WCIT3 1.30m 6.48KG 14.26LBS
WCIT4 1.80m 8.29KG 18.25LBS

 Cuplock Inside Intermediate Transom

cuplock scaffolding parts and components one board inside intermediate transomcuplock scaffolding two board inside intermediate transom

Cup Lock Scaffold Inside Intermediate Transom
Code Items Weight
WCIIT1 Single Board Inside Transom 1.621m(1.3m) 7.67KG 16.87LBS
WCIIT2 Two-Board Inside Transom 1.926m(1.3m) 8.28KG 18.22LBS

 Cuplock Batten Omega Transom

cuplock scaffolding omega transom for steel battens

Cuplock Scaffolding Batten Omega Transom
Code Length Weight
WCOT1 0.8m 2.12KG 4.66LBS
WCOT2 1.3m 7.83KG 17.23LBS
WCOT3 1.8m 10.0KG 22.00LBS
WCOT4 2.5m 24.8KG 54.56LBS

 Omega Single Board Support

cuplock scafflding omega single board support

Cuplock Scaffold Omega Single Board Support
Code Length Weight
WCSOT 0.267m 2.5KG


 Cuplock  Side Brackets

cuplock scaffolding side bracket hop up cup lock system scaffold components

Cuplock Scaffold Side Brackets
Code Items Weight
WCHB1 1 Board Side Bracket 0.291m 1.50KG 3.30LBS
WCHB2 2 Board Side Bracket 0.565m 6.59KG 14.49LBS
WCHB3 3 Board Side Bracket 0.795m 7.88KG 17.34LBS

 Cuplock Omega Hop Up Brackets 

cuplock scaffolding omega hop up bracket for steel battens

Cuplock Scaffolding Omega Hop Up Brackets
Code Items Weight
WCOHB1 1 Board Omega Bracket 0.291m 2.12KG 4.65LBS
WCOHB2 2 Board Omega Bracket 0.565m 7.83KG 17.23LBS
WCOHB3 3 Board Omega Bracket 0.795m 9.7KG 21.34LBS

 Cuplock Steel Ladders 

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladder

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladders
Code Length Weight
WCSL3 3' 0.91m 5.19KG 11.43LBS
WCSL5 5' 1.52m 8.25KG 18.15LBS
WCSL10 10' 3.05m 16.50KG 36.32LBS

 Cuplock Ladder Bracket 

cuplock  scaffold steel ladder bracket

Cuplock Scaffolding Ladder Bracket
Code Item Weight
WCSLB Ladder Bracket with Half Swivel Clamp 3.5KG

 Cuplock Joint Pin Connnectors 

Cuplock Joint Pins
Cuplock Scaffolding Joint Pins scaffold hex joint pin
Square&Round Pipe Joint Pin Hex Type Joint Pin


Cuplock Scaffolding Joint Pin Weight
Code Items Weight
WCJP1 Square Type Joint Pin 0.95KG
WCJP2 Hex Type Joint Pin(Forged) 1.05KG

Cuplock Socket Base Plate 

Cuplock scaffold socket base plate fixed

Cuplock Scaffolding Socket Base Plate Size
Code Item Weight
WCBP-S Socket Base Plate 2.2KG

 Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories  

Cuplock Top Cup& Ledger Blade

There are drop forged top cup and cast top cup for cuplock scaffolding. 

Ledger blade can be closed type for painted cuplock and open type for hot dip galvanized cuplock

cuplock scaffolding top cup cuplock scaffolding accessories forged ledge blade
Cuplock Scaffold Top Cup Cuplock Scaffold Ledger Blade
Cuplock Scaffold Bottom Cup
Cuplock scaffolding accessories pressed steel bottom cup
Cuplock Scaffold Bottom Cup





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