Concrete Tie Rod

Dywidag Concrete Tie Rod|Wall Form Tie Bars

Dywidag Tie Rod and Tie Bar Include Hot Rolled Type and Cold Rolled Type in Sizes D12-D22mm.
The Tie Rod and Tie Bars are Used Together with Hex Nut,Flange Nut 2 Wings and 3 Wings,Steel Cone, Washer Plate and Wing Nut,Waterstopper,Dome Plate Combi Nut in Round and Square, PVC and Plastic Cones D type,B Type, Wedge Pins,Spring Pins,Formwork Clamps in Formwork Concreting and Forming.
Hot Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod is in Higher Breaking Load Than Cold Rolled Tie Rod, While Cold Rolled Tie Rods are in Cheaper Price Than Hot Rolled Tie Rods. 
For D16(15/17mm) Tie Rod, Cold Rolled Tie Rods Breaking Load is in 144KN while Hot Rolled Can Reach  190KN. 
Both Hot Rolled Tie Rods and Cold Rolled Tie Rods Are Weldable from wellmade scaffold.
Both Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Dywidag Tie Rods and Tie Bars can be in Black Self-finished and Galvanized Finishing.
Hot Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod-Weldable
Size(mm) Normal Size(mm) Break Load(KN) Ultimate Load(KN) Weight(KG) hot rolled dywidag system tie rod 190KN break load formwork concrete form ties
15 16(15/17) 190 195 1.44
20 21(20/22) 320 345 2.56
26.5 27.5(26.5/28.5) 560 606 4.48


Cold Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod-Weldable

Normal Size


Break Load(KN) Ultimated Load(KN) Weight(KG) cold rolled dywidag tie rod tie bars formwork wall ties form tie
12.5 13(12/14) 109 120 1.04
15 16(15/17) 144 165 1.48
20 21(20/22) 220 285 2.56



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