American Scaffolding Frames

American Scaffodling Frames

American Frame Scaffolding of Snappy Scaffold Frames, Walk Thru Frame, Ladder Frame, Box Frame,Narrow Frame, Heavy Duty Scaffolding Shoring Frame with Frame System Components of Scaffolding Braces, Coupling Pins, Guard Rails, Goosers, Screw Jacks, U Head, Guard Rail Post. 
American Frame Scaffolding Has Various of Frame Scaffolding Lock Pins of Flip Lock Pin, Snap On Lock, Fast Lock, V Lock, C Lock, Canada Lock. 
Coupling Pin and Main Vertical Frames Are Connected  By Scaffolding Pins Of Toggle Pins, Roll Pins, Spring Pins. 
Scaffolding Braces for American Scaffolding Frames Can be Round Tube X Braces and Angel Bar X Braces. '
Wellmade Scaffold Produces All American Scaffolding Frames by S355(Q345) Steel Grade Material to Meet up ASTM Scaffolding Standard. 
To Ensure Safety Scaffolding, Welllmade Scaffold Control Scaffolding Quality and Specifications by Its Special Quality Controlling System and Independent Testing House for 1) Raw Material Steel Grade Testing for Chemicals and Physicals Strengths 2) Theoretical Throat Testing for Welding Lines 3) Size and Specifications Compatible Testing on Assembly Set 4) Loading Capacity Testing
Powder Coated in Different Colors, Label Sticker, Customized Design, Door to Door Delivery and Custom Clearance Services in USA and Canada are all Available in Wellmade Scaffold, China
Snap On Lock Walk Through Frame Type Scaffold(1.625" OD)
Code No. Width Height Weight snap on frame scaffolding walk through frame types for plastering and stucco
WSF001 3'(914.4mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 11.7KG
WSF002 3'(914.4mm) 5'(1524mm) 13.1KG
WSF003 3'(914.4mm) 6'8"(2032mm) 15.8KG
WSF004 5'(1524mm) 6'8"(2032mm) 20.3KG
Snap On Frame Apartment Type(1.625"OD)
 Code No.  Width  Height  Weight snap on frames apartment scaffold
WSF005  3'(914.4mm)  8'8"(2641.6mm)  21.4KG
WSF006  3'(914.4mm) 10'8"(3251.2mm)  24.3KG
WSF007  3'(914.4mm) 11'8"(3556mm)  25.8KG


Snap On Frame Walk Through Frame w/18" Ladder(1.625" OD)
Code No. Width Height Weight snap on frame scaffolding walk through frame with 18" Ladder
WSF008 3'(914.4MM) 4'(1219.2MM) 17.95KG
WSF009 3'(914.4MM) 5'(1524MM) 20.85KG
WSF010 3'(914.4MM) 6'8"(2032MM) 26.24KG
WSF011 5'(1524MM) 6'8"(20320MM) 31.10KG


Snap On Apartment Frame with 18" Ladder(1.625" OD)
Code No. Width Height Weight snap on frame scaffolding apartment house with 18" ladder
WSF012 3'(914.4mm) 8'8"(2641.6mm) 34.34KG
WSF013 3'(914.4mm) 10'8"(3251.2mm) 40.28kg
WSF014 3'(914.4mm) 11'8"(3556mm) 43.20kg


Snap On Box Frame Scaffolding
Code No. Width Height Weight american scaffolding box frame snap on lock type
WSF015 3'(914.4MM) 4'(1219.2MM) 11.23KG
WSF016 3'(914.4MM) 20"(508MM) 8.32KG
WSF017 3'(914.4MM) 40"(1016MM) 10.26KG
WSF018 5'(1524MM) 20"(508MM) 11.34KG
WSF019 5'(1524MM) 40"(1016MM) 13.28KG
Mason Frame Scaffolding Snap On Lock(1.625")
Code No. Width Height Weight mason frame snap on lock type American scaffolding
WSF020 5'(1524mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 16.09KG
WSF021 5'(1524mm) 5'(1524mm) 18.03KG
WSF022 5'(1524mm) 6'8"(2032mm)


Ladder Frame Scaffolding Snap On Lock
Code No. Width Height Weight snap on frame scaffolding ladder frame narrow frame scaffolding
WSF023 2'(609.6mm) 5'(1524mm) 11.56KG
WSF024 2'(609.6mm) 6'8"(2032mm) 14.05KG
WSF025 3'(914.4mm) 6'8"(2032mm) 16.09KG
WSF026 3'(914.4mm) 5'(1524mm) 13.61KG
Walk Through Frame Scaffolding Flip Lock
Code No. Width Height Flip Lock Frame Scaffolding American type 5 foot and 3 foot width
WFF001 3'(914.4) 5'1"(1549.4)
WFF002 3'(914.4) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFF003 5'(1524) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFF004 42"(1066.8) 6'4"(1930.4)
WFF005 5'(1524) 6'4"(1930.4)
WFF006 5'(1524) 6'6"(1981.2)
Mason Frame Scaffolding Flip Lock
Code No. Width Height mason frame scaffolding flip lock
WFF007 5'(1524) 2'1"(635)
WFF008 5'(1524) 3'1"(939.8)
WFF009 5'(1524) 4'1"(1244.6)
WFF010 5'(1524) 5'1"(1549.4)
WFF011 5'(1524) 6'7"(2006.6)
Ladder Frame Scaffolding Flip Lock
Code No. Width Height ladder frame scaffolding with flip lock to USA
WFF012 3'(914.4) 3'1"(939.8)
WFF013 3'(914.4) 4'1"(1244.6)
WFF014 3'(914.4) 5'1"(1549.4)
WFF015 3'(914.4) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFF016 29"(736.6) 5'(1524)
WFF017 29"(736.6) 6'7"(2006.6)
Walk Through Frame Scaffolding Fast Lock
Code No. Width Height walk through frame scaffolding fast lock
WFLF001 3'(914.4) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFLF002 5'(1524) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFLF003 42"(1066.8) 6'7"(2006.6)
Mason Frame Scaffolding Fast Lock
Code No. Width Height mason frame scaffolding fast lock
WFLF004 5'(1524) 3'1"(939.8)
WFLF005 5'(1524) 4'1"(1244.6)
WFLF006 5'(1524) 5'1"(1549.4)
WFLF007 5'(1524) 6'7"(2006.6)
Narrow H Frame Scaffolding Fast Lock
Code No. Width Height narrow frame scaffolding h type with fast lock pin
WFLF008 27-5/8"(701.7) 3'1"(939.8)
WFLF009 27-5/8"(701.7) 5'1"(1549.4)
WFLF010 27-5/8"(701.7) 6'7"(2006.6)
WFLF011 3'(914.4) 5'1"(1549.4)


3'(914.4) 6'7"(2006.6)
Walk T hrough Frame Scaffolding Drop Lock
Code No. Width Height walk through scaffolding frame with drop lock pin 5 foot and 42 inch
WDF001 3'(914.4) 5‘(1524)
WDF002 3'(914.4) 6'4"(1930.4)
WDF003 42"(1066.8) 6'4"(1930.4)
WDF004 5'(1524) 6'4"(1930.4)
Masonry Scaffolding Frame Drop Lock
Code No. Width Height drop lock mason frame scaffolding
WDF005 5'(1524) 3'(914.4)
WDF006 5'(1524) 4'(1219.4)
WDF007 5'(1524) 5'(1524)
WDF008 5'(1524) 6'4"(1930.4)
Narrow Frame Scaffolding Drop Lock
Code No. Width Height narrow ladder frame with drop lock
WDF009 2'(609.6) 3'(914.4)
WDF010 2'(609.6) 5'(1524)
WDF011 2'(609.6) 6'4"(1930.4)


Vanguard Lock Walk Through Frame
Code Width Height Vanguard Lock Walk Through Frame Scaffolding
WVF001 3'(914.4mm) 5'(1524mm)
WVF002 3'(914.4mm) 6'4"(1930.4mm)
WVF003 42"(1066.8mm) 6'4"(1930.4mm)
WVF004 5'(1524mm) 6'4"(1930.4mm)


Vanguard Lock Mason Frame Scaffold
Code Width Height Vanguard lock pin mason frame scaffolding
WVF005 5'(1524mm) 3'(914.4mm)
WVF006 5'(1524mm) 4'(1219.2mm)
WVF007 5'(1524mm) 5'(1524mm)
WVF008 5'(1524mm) 6'4"(1930mm)
Vanguard Lock Pin Narrow Frame Scaffold
Code Width Height vanguard lock pin narrow frame scaffolding ladder frames
WVF009 2'(609.6mm) 3'(914.4mm)
WVF010 2'(609.6mm) 5'(1524mm)
WVF011 2'(609.6mm) 6'4"(1930.4mm)
Shoring Frame Scaffolding
Code Width Height hi load shoring frame scaffolding waco scaffolding
WFS001 2'(609.6mm) 3'(914.4mm)
WFS002 2'(609.6mm) 4'(1219.2mm)
WFS003 2'(609.6mm) 5'(1524mm)
WFS004 2'(609.6mm) 6'(1828.8mm)
WFS005 4'(1219.2mm) 3'(914.4mm
WFS006 4'(1219.2mm) 4'(1219.2mm)
WFS007 4'(1219.2mm) 5'(1524mm)
WFS008 4'(1219.2mm) 6'(1828.8mm)
Shoring Frame Scaffolding Accessories
shoring frame scaffolding coupling pins shoring scaffolding base plate foot plate shoring scaffolding frame accessories  top u head
Shoring Frame  Coupling Pin Shoring Base Plate Shoring U Head
7'x3'x4' shoring scaffolding frame cross bracing angular iron type 1.9" screw jack with base plate for shoring scaffolding frame system 1.9" Tubing Screw Jack for shoring frame scaffolding
7'x3'x4' Angular Cross Bracing 1.9" Screw Jack with Base Plate 1.9" Tubing Screw Jack
Frame Scaffolding Lock Pins
 scaffolding rivet pin safety cotter pin  scaffolding roll pins for frame system  Scaffolding gravity lock pin scaffolding span pin scaffolding frame accessories   scaffodlnig pigtail pin scaffolding spring lock pin for coupling pin with collar

 Safety Cotter Pin

(Rivet Pin)

 Roll Pin  Gravity Pin  Span Pin Pigtail Pin Spring Clip for Coupling Pin w/Collar
Frame Scaffolding Locks
frame scaffolding flip lock pin frame scaffolding drop lock pin frame scaffolding snap lock pin frame scaffolding fast lock pin frame scaffolding V lock pin frame scaffolding c lock pin frame scaffolding canada lock pin
Flip Lock Drop Lock Snap Lock Fast Lock V Lock C Lock Canada Lock
Frame Scaffolding Couping Pins
frame scaffolding coupling pin wp1 Frame Scaffolding Coupling Pin with washer WP2 frame scaffolding coupling pin with collar frame scaffolding coupling pin with collar WP4
Scaffolding Caster Wheels
5 inch scaffoldign caster wheels 6 inch scaffolding caster wheels 8 inch scaffolding caster wheels 12" caster wheels PU with brake
5" Caster Wheels 6" Caster Wheels 8" Rubber Caster Wheels 12" PU Caster Wheels
Scaffolding Screw Jacks and Base Plate
24" screw jack with socket 24“ screw jack with u head 24" screw jack with base plate base jack scaffolding 24" extension base plate scaffolding base plate scaffolding swivel base plate scaffolding curved base plate
24" Screw Jack w/ Socket 24" Screw Jack w/ U Head 24" Scerw Jack w/ Base Plate 24" Extension Base Plate Base Plate Swive Base Plate Curved Base Plate
Frame Scaffolding Punch-Hole Cross Braces
Code "A" "B" "C" Frame scaffolding punch hole cross braces
WFB01 5'(1524mm) 3'(914.4mm) 69.97"(1777.24mm)
WFB02 7'(2133.6mm) 3'(914.4mm) 91.39"(2321.31mm)
WFB03 10'(3048mm) 3'(914.4mm) 125.28"(3182.1mm)
WFB04 5'(1524mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 76.84"(1951.74mm)
WFB05 7'(2133.6mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 96.75"(2457.45mm)
WFB06 10'(3048mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 129.24"(3282.7mm)
Frame Scaffolding Snap On Cross Brace
Code "A" "B" "C" snap on lock frame scaffolding cross braces
WFB07 5'(1524mm) 32"(812.8mm) 68"(1727.2mm)
WFB08 5'(1524mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 76.84"(1951.74mm)
WFB09 10'(3048mm) 32"(812.8mm) 89.89"(2283.2mm)
WFB10 5'(1524mm) 4;(1219.2mm) 96.75"(2457.45mm)
WFB11 7'(2133.6mm) 32"(812.8mm) 124.19"(3154.43mm)
WFB12 10'(3048mm) 4'(1219.2mm) 129.24"(3282.7mm)
Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail
Code 'L' 'TUBE OD' frame scaffolding punch hole type safety guard rails
WFR1 3'(914.4mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR2 5'(1524mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR3 6'(1828.8mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR4 7'(2133.6mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR5 10'(3048mm) 1.25"(32mm)
Frame Scaffolding Snap On Guard Rail
Code "L" "TUBE OD" frame scaffolding snap on lock safety guard rail
WFR6 3'(914.4mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR7 5'(1524mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFR8 7'(2133.6mm) 1"(25.4mm)
WFT9 10'(3048mm) 1.25"(32mm)
Frame Scaffolding Color Opinions
frame scaffolding color options



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