Aluminum Planks

Aluminium Planks for USA Scaffolding Frames

19" Aluminium Planks to USA and South American Scaffolding Companies For Scaffolding Frames and Ringlock  Scaffold.

Alumimum Planks 

Code No.  Description Weight(LBS)
WMAL1101 5'x19" Aluminum Planks 25
WMAL1102 7'x19" Aluminum Planks 30
WMAL1103 8'x19" Aluminum Planks 35
WMAL1104 10'x19" Aluminum Planks 39
19" alumimum planks 19" aluminum scaffold plank


19" Alumimum Plywood Plank
Code No. Description Weight(LBS)
WMAL1105 7'x19" Aluminium Plywood Deck 35.10
WMAL1106 10'x19" Aluminium Plywood Deck 51.00
aluminum plywood plank  



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