Adjustable Screw Jack

Scaffolding Jack Base, U Jack, Fork Head(Cross Head), Scaffolding Base Plate for Tube and Coupler Scaffolding and Scaffolding Systems of Kwikstage Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Scaffolding Frames, Tube Lock Scaffolding and Quick Lock Scaffolding For Onshore and Offshore Construction, Civil Construction, Industrial and Commerical Construction. 

Scaffolding Jack Base

Solid Jack Base
WMSJB300 300mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB350 350mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB400 400mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB450 450mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB500 500mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB550 550mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB600 600mm  Solid Jack Base
WMSJB610 610mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB650 650mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB730 730mm Solid Jack Base
WMSJB780 780mm Solid Jack Base
adjustable scaffolding base jack
Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB300 300mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB350 350mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB400 400mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB450 450mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB500 500mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB550 550mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB600 600mm  Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB610 610mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB650 650mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB730 730mm Hollow Jack Base
WMHJB780 780mm Hollow Jack Base
scaffolding jack base adjustable
Scaffolding Adjustable Forkhead Jack U Jack
scaffolding forkhead jack u jack adjustable adjustable scaffolding u jack forkhead jack


Adjustable Caster Wheels
Items  Decription  

Adjustable Caster Wheels with Screw Jacks

Size: 6",8",12"

adjustable caster wheels with screw jack base

Fixed Caster Wheels with Spigot and Brake

Size: 6",8",12"

PU caster wheels with spgiot and brake

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Loading Capacity:800KG

heavy duty caster wheels for industrial scaffold system
WMCW04 Rubber Caster Wheels 6" rubber caster wheels with brake and spigot
WMCW05 Socket Caster Wheels socket caster wheels with socket tube at top for scaffolding frame towers


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